High Sensitivity Mil-Hardened InGaAs SWIR Camera: 640HSX

Source: Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems

High Sensitivity Mil-Hardened InGaAs SWIR Camera: SU640HSX

Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems introduces the highest sensitivity, mil-hardened, indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) shortwave infrared (SWIR) uncooled Sensors Unlimited video camera for military imaging systems, covert surveillance and marine intelligence applications.

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This high sensitivity InGaAs SWIR 640HSX mil-hardened camera is smaller, lighter weight, and consumes less power than cooled mid-wave or long-wave infrared imagers and competing germanium-based cameras.

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The new 640HSX features a 640 x 512 pixel format with a 25 micron pitch, advanced dynamic range enhancements, expanded configuration memory and a wide operating temperature range from -40 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius.

The ultra-compact cameras are capable of imaging through atmospheric obscurants such as fog, haze and smoke. With on-board automatic gain control (AGC), built-in non-uniformity corrections (NUCs), and user-selectable contrast enhancement modes, the InGaAs SWIR sensors provide real-time daylight to low-light imaging in the SWIR for 24/7 passive surveillance and laser detection.

The camera has been ruggedized for harsh environments and is subjected to environmental stress screening prior to shipping. Featuring low power consumption (<2.7 W at 20 degrees Celsius), the solid-state, mil-hardened imager is MIL-STD-810G certified for mechanical shock, vibration, humidity, altitude, temperature, explosive atmosphere and transportability. The compact, enclosed module (< 9.5 in.³) is certified for conducted and radiated emissions per FCC CE and MIL-461F regulations. The small (< 3.8 in.³) OEM module is ideal for integrating into manned or unmanned airborne systems, handheld or robotic ground systems, and for driver vision enhancement (DVE) applications.


  • Low-light level imaging
  • Covert surveillance with passive 24 hr/7 day operation
  • Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE)
  • Imaging through atmospheric obscurants
  • OEM version for easy integration into UAVs, handheld, or robotic systems
  • Laser spotting and tracking

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