High Accuracy Laser Beam Dimensional Measurement: NanoScan™ 1

Source: Ophir Photonics

High Accuracy Laser Beam Dimensional Measurement: NanoScan™ 1

The NanoScanTM 1 is a scanning slit beam profiler that acquires laser beams with 12-bit digitization. It then measures and analyzes the laser’s beam and pulse frequency to help determine accuracy and stability. The system can measure beam sizes from microns to centimeters, and from power ranges in the microwatts to over kilowatts, often times without the need for attenuation. Additionally, the beam profiler can be outfitted with different detector types in order to work with lasers operating at wavelengths from UV to far IR.  

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The NanoScan 1 laser beam profiler’s software has the ability to find a beam in less than 0.3 seconds and can display real-time updates up to 20 Hz. Interval beam measurement sampling is adjustable to as little as 5.7nm which is key in the measurement of very small beams. Beam profile averaging and rolling averages are available to improve signal-to-noise ratios, and a time chart allows any beam’s measurement result to be charted over time.

To learn more about how the NanoScan 1 scanning slit profiler can measure you laser beam as never before, download the datasheet.

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