Handheld Weapon Helmet (HWH) Mountable SWIR System

Source: Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace


SWIR imaging offers several advantages over traditional night vision systems, particularly as it relates to military related operations. It can detect battlefield laser targeting systems in day and night conditions, and image through haze, dust, and smoke.

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This allows operators to acquire and engage targets faster than they would have been able to with previous night vision equipment, and can also help reduce blue-on-blue contact and collateral damage.

Another huge advantage SWIR imaging offers over visible, thermal, and night vision imaging systems is that bright lights and flashes (which are a constant occurrence in hostile situations) do not degrade the SWIR camera’s performance.

The Warrior HWH is a handheld and/or weapon/helmet mountable SWIR camera that weighs only 1.6 to 2.9 pounds and measures in at just 7.3 x 2.9 x 3.7 inches. It offers 640 x 512 resolution and can perform for greater than 4 hours at room temperature. MIL-STD-810G compliance ensures its ability to withstand transportability, immersion, sand and dust, and humidity.

For information on the Warrior HWH SWIR camera’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace