News | March 14, 2006

Gresham Scientific Instruments Becomes ‘e2v Scientific Instruments'

Chelmsford, Essex - e2v technologies announced that, from 1st April 2006, Gresham Scientific Instruments Ltd will be renamed ‘e2v scientific instruments Ltd'.

Gresham Scientific Instruments was purchased in July 2005 by e2v technologies plc for the sum of £5.1m. Gresham is a leading supplier to the X-ray Analytical market sector manufacturing X-ray detectors for Energy Dispersive X-ray (‘EDX') and X-ray fluorescence (‘XRF') spectrometry. The detectors are primarily utilised within scanning and transmission electron microscopes and XRF analysers. The company supplies its high specification X-ray detectors worldwide to industrial equipment manufacturers and research laboratories.

Tony Bosley, Managing Director, Gresham Scientific Instruments commented:

"The integration of Gresham with e2v technologies has been sensitively handled, with consideration for our employees, suppliers and customers, to ensure consistency and stability during a time of change.

The Company continues to perform strongly and now, having gone through a stabilisation period, the time is right to align Gresham more fully under the e2v corporate umbrella. Changing our name to e2v scientific instruments is just part of an ongoing programme which will improve systems and help us to share information and technology with e2v, whilst maintaining independence to follow the growth strategy which has made us so successful.

It is a really exciting time for us as we enter our new financial year as e2v scientific instruments."

The two companies complement each other, with Gresham bringing new technologies and products to e2v's existing Sensors portfolio, while e2v provides Gresham with further opportunities for growth due to its established presence in the US market and its well-developed global distribution channels. The close fit between the companies will ensure a strong and successful future for both e2v technologies and e2v scientific instruments.

SOURCE: e2v technologies plc