Video | August 27, 2015

Gooch & Housego Introduces The New Fiber-QTM Fiber Coupled Modulators

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

The new Fiber-QTM Fiber is a fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator (FCAOM) solution for fiber laser modulation and frequency shifting. These devices can directly control the timing, intensity, and temporal characteristics of the active output from a fiber laser, offering a wider variety of pulse shapes. Applications for FCAOMs include Q-switching, optical heterodyne interferometry, marking, material processing, micromachining, telecommunications, LIDAR, pulsed fiber laser amplifiers, pulse picking, microscopy, medical laser systems, and security sensing. The latest additions to the Fiber-QTM range offer visible wavelength and fast switch rate versions.

For more information on these modulators, watch the video below.

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