News | March 25, 2014

Gooch & Housego CEO Gareth Jones In Joint Launch Of €80B Research And Innovation Program Horizon 2020

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

Horizon2020, the largest EU Research and Innovation program to date, with nearly €80B of funding available over the next seven years, will be officially launched at the Photonics21 AGM in Brussels on Friday 28 March.

Photonics is an enabling technology, fundamental to the successful development of solutions to the major economic and social challenges facing Europe. These include issues such as improving resource efficiency in the areas such as food and energy and also in security. The provision of smart applications to meet these challenges is the key to taking a global lead in these areas.

To launch Horizon2020 there will be panel discussion on Reindustrializing Europe. Gareth Jones, Gooch & Housego CEO and panel member commented:

"Photonics are at the heart of the Horizon2020 program. The main strands of development will focus on improving efficiencies in areas such fiber laser based manufacturing, data communication and medical diagnostic technology. As global leaders in acousto and electro-optic laser control systems for industrial and medical lasers, fiber optic modules for space telecoms and components for medical imaging systems, G&H can play a vital role in ensuring that socio-economic goals of the program are achieved"

Photonics research in Horizon2020 will include developing increased efficiencies in satellite communications, materials processing and medical diagnostics. G&H will lead and contribute, and has contributed under FP7, the predecessor program to Horizon2020, to numerous projects in these areas.

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SOURCE: Gooch & Housego PLC