4 – 18 GHz Ultra-Wideband High-Power Solid-State Gan RF Amplifier Module: Model BME49189-50

Comtech’s latest development continues to expand on its innovative integrated RF GaN Power Amplifier designs by further increasing the bandwidth and power density. Comtech proudly introduces the Model BME49189-50, the latest in GaN-based 4 – 18 GHz RF amplifiers.

The small (6.5” x 3.5” x 0.84”) amplifier module delivers greater than 50 watts of power over the full frequency range of 4 – 18 GHz. The BME49189-50 amplifier is designed to operate from +28 VDC and meets all specifications over a temperature range of -40 to +55°C. This highly integrated design is ideal for use in communication, electronic warfare, and radar transmitter systems where space, cooling, and power are limited. This unit is ideal for UAV/airborne, ground mobile, surface and shipboard applications.

For additional features and specifications, download the available datasheet.