News | May 20, 2008

GAO Comm Inc. Releases GAO811 Visible Laser Source


Toronto — GAO811 handheld visible laser source is a visible red laser source, which is mainly used in finding fiber faults accurately. The laser could not only be reflected out from the macro bend point, overlay layer or the naked fiber position, but also can be jetted from a tie-in which is not linked well. It can distinguish the faults of a fiber jumper, jumper board, distribution frame and tie-in. Also, the visible laser source can remedy the limitation of the near blind area of OTDR, and judge fiber faults position accurately. As such it is an ideal instrument for optical net function and maintenance.

Key Features

  • Perfect helper for OTDR
  • Suitable for SM, MM types of fiber
  • Adapters supporting different ports
  • Low voltage warning, automatic power off and energy-save design
  • Small size, simple button operation


  • Provide visible laser source
  • Test fiber curve & break faults


  • Emitter type: medium energy laser
  • Output power: >1mW
  • Working temperature: 0~40
  • Relative humidity: 0~95%