News | December 17, 2014

G&H Showcases Light Measurement Solutions Portfolio For Industrial And R&D Applications On New Website

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

To showcase this exciting line of solutions, G&H has recently launched a website dedicated to light measurement instrumentation. This new dedicated site is designed to serve the industrial and research light metrology community. It is application driven and allows visitors to explore all the options G&H has to offer along with rich content such as a wealth of product information, application notes and video tutorials. Links to social networking tools and forums will help to create dialogs between our experts and the user community regarding technical and commercial trends of importance. New innovations to be introduced in 2015 will also be announced on the site as part of product spotlights and case studies.

In addition to its trusted and popular OL 770 Series lighting LED and display test platforms, research systems such as their OL 750, HSi-440C spectral imagers and calibration standards and services, Gooch & Housego (Orlando), the company’s Instrumentation division, recently announced that it has added ultra compact and rugged spot photometers, colorimeters and luminance spectroradiometers from Colorimetry Research to its line-up. In addition G&H now distributes the Techno Team family of LMK5 Imaging Photometers and RiGO801 goniophotometers in the Americas. “Both of these lines are welcome additions, enabling G&H to better serve the production test community”, commented Senior Vice-President, Alex Fong.

The Instrumentation division of Gooch & Housego, located in Orlando, Florida, is a world leader in light measurement solutions, such as spectroradiometer, radiometer/ photometers, calibration standards and services, integrating spheres and hyperspectral imaging and multi-imaging solutions. Instruments and systems provide accurate, repeatable, research-grade measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR-IR wavelength ranges for research, academia, industry, and the military. Light measurement systems are designed to provide consistent, precise, and repeatable measurements throughout the long life of the instrumentation. For more information visit,

SOURCE: Gooch & Housego PLC