News | April 16, 2014

G&H Receives NASA Certificate Of Appreciation For IRIS Spectrograph Reflective Optics

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

G&H are pleased to be recognized by NASA with a Certification of Appreciation for delivering reflective optics for the IRIS spectrograph both, on time and meeting or exceeding their on-orbit performance requirements.

NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission is to observe how solar material moves, gathers energy and heats up as it travels through the hitherto little understood regions of the sun’s lower atmosphere. Tracking how material and energy move through this region will provide an understanding of the dynamics of the sun. Such information can in turn help explain what causes the ejection of solar material from the steady stream of the solar wind to larger, explosive eruptions such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that travels toward Earth and causes space weather that can disrupt human technology.

Tracking the complex processes within the lower layers of the solar atmosphere requires instrument and modeling capabilities that are within technological reach for the first time. IRIS is the first mission designed to simultaneously observe the range of temperatures specific to the chromosphere and transition region at very high spatial and temporal resolution going beyond earlier missions that were lower resolution or did not cover a wide range of temperatures.

IRIS carries a single instrument: an ultraviolet telescope combined with an imaging spectrograph. The success of the mission depends on the accuracy and reliability of the components and assemblies from which the instrument is constructed. The diagram below shows the design of the device including the spectrograph reflective mirrors. G&H’s track record in the design and manufacture and of photonics for rugged environments including space made the company the natural choice for the provision of the reflective optics for the device.

The optics including superpolished mirrors were manufactured by G&H (California) in Moorpark, CA, one of G&H’s three precision optics manufacturing sites. The other two being in Glenrothes and Ilminster, both in the UK. For more information please visit the Precision Optics pages of the website or contact Precision Optics Product Managers Adam Morrow in the US and Johnnie Ironside-Smith for the rest of the world. More detail on ISIS can be found on the NASA website (

G&H is renowned for R&D and the manufacture and supply of space qualified components and assemblies and has worked on ESA and NASA projects over many years. For more information on G&H’s latest Space Photonics R&D including fiber optics for the next generation of satellites, please visit Space Photonics section of the website For more information on G&H Space Photonics please contact Dr Efstratios Kehayas, Vice President Space Photonics. 

SOURCE: Gooch & Housego PLC