Frit Inks For Screen Printed Glass

Frit Inks For Screen Printed Glass

Abrisa Technologies offers frit ink graphics for screen printed glass used in rigorous environmental conditions. Frit ink is composed of colored glass/ceramic frit particles, resin that holds the frit in place prior to firing or tempering, and a liquid/chemical medium that allows the ink to be applied. Screen printed glass with frit is highly durable and ideal for applications where corrosive salt spray and fog are continuous environmental threats.

Abrisa’s frit ink is not affected by moisture, oil, soaps, chemicals, or detergents, and is able to retain its original appearance throughout the life of the glass. It is an ideal choice for soda lime glass and SCHOTT Borofloat® due to its high melting point and use in high temperature environments. Once applied, frit will meet operating temperatures that are similar to the substrate’s melting points.

For more product features, screen printing specifications, and application information, download the application note.

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