High Speed MWIR Megapixel Science-Grade Infrared Cameras: FLIR SC8000 HD Series

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FLIR's SC8000 HD Series is the most cost-effective, high-definition infrared camera on the market. It has a highly sensitive cooled InSb detector and delivers true high-definition MWIR imagery, superb resolution, and lightning-fast frame and data rates.

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FLIR SC8000 HD Series Infrared Camera Features:

  • Resolution to 3.5 microns with a 4X Microscope Objective to Capture Very Small Targets
  • 1020 x 1024 and 1344 x 784 Cooled InSb Detector
  • True MWIR HD Imagery
  • Fast Frame Rates — Up to 130 Hz @ Full Resolution
  • Flexible Sub-window Modes for Faster Frame Rates
  • 16-Channel Readout — Digital Data at 200 Megapixels/second
  • IRIG-B Timing — On-Board Deterministic Time Stamping
  • Interface Flexibility — Multiple Simultaneous Digital Outputs Include CameraLink, Gigabit Ethernet, and HD-SDI
  • On-Camera Cal — On-Camera Radiance and Thermographic Calibration

FLIR SC8000 HD Series Infrared Camera Applications:

  • Test Ranges
  • High End Lab Research
  • Industrial Research & Development
  • High End Telecom Applications
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing/Testing
  • High Resolution Thermography

FLIR SC8000 HD Series Video Introduction

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Visit FLIR's corporate website for more information on the SC8000 Series, optics options or to contact your FLIR Specialist.

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