High Speed, Science-Grade Infrared Camera: FLIR SC6000 MWIR Series

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High Speed, Science-Grade Infrared Camera: FLIR SC6000 MWIR Series

FLIR’s SC6000 Infrared Camera Series is the ideal solution for applications that require extreme sensitivity and high speeds. This versatile MWIR camera comes from sensor technology that was built to be mounted on jet fighter aircraft so it is extremely durable. The SC6000 series of infrared cameras offers high speed and high resolution with ease and flexibility in configuration for just about any scientific or research application and is also available with a built-in, user-configurable 4-position filter wheel, and multiple lens configurations.

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FLIR SC6000 Series Infrared Camera Features:

  • 640 × 512 Resolution Cooled InSb Detector w/ 25 or 15 µm Pixels for Detailed MWIR Imagery
  • Flexible Interfacing
  • Advanced Trigger Control
  • Fast Frame Rates — Up to 126 Hz @ Full Resolution
  • On-camera Radiance and Thermographic Calibration

These high-speed, high-resolution science grade cameras provide Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link and USB interfaces for maximum flexibility and performance. They also feature simultaneous digital and analog outputs, and are available in multiple wavebands, detector resolutions, and lens configurations. Their fast frame rates, plus adjustable and triggered integration times, allow you to capture fast moving objects and those with rapidly changing temperatures.

FLIR SC6000 Series Introduction Video

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More information the versatile FLIR SC6000 Series infrared cameras.

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