Newsletter | March 9, 2020

03.09.20 -- Fiber Optics + Food Safety | SWIR For Border Security

Optical Monitoring System Improves Thin-Film Coating Accuracy
White Paper | By Dan Bukaty, Jr., PG & O Precision Glass & Optics

In the past, a thin-film design software was used to help develop the coating, but the real challenge was in actually replicating the design thickness and the material indexes inside the coating chamber without any errors. 

How Fiber Optics Can Ensure Grain Quality, Keep Milk Safe, And Make Pretzels Crispy
Article | By Dr. Werner Sklarek and Matthias Quast, SCHOTT North America Inc.

Fiber optics offer a food-safe way to perform continuous spectroscopic analysis in challenging food production environments such as liquids, hot ovens, and tight spaces.

When Custom Costs Less Than Standard: The Benefits And Flexibility Of Custom Optical Assemblies
Article | Zygo Corporation

Here are a few questions you might be asking when you’re considering whether to build your own assembly or have it custom-made by an experienced design and manufacturing team.

Detecting Disguises At Border And Immigration Security Checkpoints Using Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Cameras
Article | Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace

As the U.S. continues to increase its security at border crossings, airports, and other points of entry, biometrics will play an important role. Fingerprints and other direct contact means will become final identifiers of persons.

Do You Know What You Are Really Buying?
Article | Schneider Optics

Datasheets can be misleading, so how do you know what you are really buying? To help optical designers and engineers view optical datasheets more critically and ask the right questions of lens providers, this article discusses key datasheet parameters.

Laser Illumination For High-Speed Imaging
Article | Photron, Inc.

An incorrect or poorly lit subject affects the image, regardless of camera system quality. Therefore, the illumination source is just as important as the camera's resolution and sensitivity. See how a laser can be used for illumination in these four high-speed imaging application examples.

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High-Speed Silicon Photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics offers a range of high-speed silicon photodiode detectors optimized at 800 nm band. These small and large active area detectors feature a fast rise time for high-bandwidth applications up to 1.25 GHz. They are available in flat window or micro-lens window TO18 models.

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