Newsletter | August 13, 2019

08.13.19 -- Fiber Optics Driving Imaging, Inspection, Medtech Innovation

How Fiber Optics Can Ensure Grain Quality, Keep Milk Safe, And Make Pretzels Crispy

Fiber optics offer a food-safe way to perform continuous spectroscopic analysis in challenging food production environments such as liquids, hot ovens, and tight spaces.

How Can Extreme Geometries Solve Dental Light Delivery Challenges?

New fabrication technology is enabling rigid fiber light guide geometries that were previously impossible. This advancement is enabling smaller instruments and new designs for dental handpieces featuring illumination and curing devices.

3 Technology Trends Shaped By Glass

Often, the “next big thing” is propelled by the components that make it possible. In this article, the discussion will be on how glass is setting trends as the component unlocking the imagination of designers and engineers around the world. 

Fiber Optic Image Bundles Provide A Solution When High-Tech Approaches Fail

Wound fiber bundles offer a passive way to transfer images from remote locations even when power isn’t available. The technology can be used in extreme environments and to view hard-to-access areas.

No, Not That One: Imaging Systems And The ‘Other’ Fiber Optics

Well-known as an enabling technology of telecommunications, fiber optics is also playing a pivotal role in imaging. This article takes a closer look at the "other" fiber optics, illuminating the special qualities that make it the best solution for some of imaging’s most challenging problems and environments.