Fiber Optics

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

The line of active and passive fiber optic components and modules from Gooch & Housego provide the performance and reliability needed for a variety of applications including space, terrestrial, and submarine telecommunications systems. 

Fused Fiber Optic Components

G&H designs and manufactures a wide range of fiber components such as wavelength splitters and combiners, attenuators, taps, and Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs). These products are available over a wide range of wavelengths (from 400-2200 nm), making them able to address numerous applications in biomedical, aerospace, and telecommunication sectors. Fused fiber couplers are utilized in Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) applications.

Fused Optic Assemblies

G&H custom modules are fiber assemblies composed of passive and/or active optical components to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint. With advanced assembly techniques like ribbon splicing and fiber recoating, G&H ensures optimized designs from specification to the manufactured product. Applications using fiber optic assemblies include OCT, telecommunications, biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, LIDAR, sensing, and interferometry.

Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier

The Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Erbium/Ytterbium Co-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EYDFA) modules are designed to operate in demanding thermal, vibration, and radiation environments. They are ideal for system integration into laser transmitters, and are used widely in terrestrial telecommunications while having the ability to be deployed in future deep space probes.

High-Speed Detectors (HSD)

G&H’s high-speed detectors facilitate the conversion of a photonic RF signal to an electrical RF signal at a high bandwidth. Photodetector designs offer low dark current or noise, and operate with exceptional responsivity. Two photodetector models, the EM169 and the EM530, are available to meet the demands of RF over fiber, optical signal processing, phased arrays, and IR sensing applications.

DFB Lasers and Modules

G&H offers distributed feedback (DFB) lasers in the C-band and L-band on 50 or 100 GHz channel spacing, and at 13102 nm and 1064 nm. A number of developments have been made to enhance performance including integrating thermoelectric coolers (TECs), precision thermistors, and internal isolators. High-power, high-bandwidth, and narrow linewidth DFB lasers are also available.

Benchtop Laser Controllers

The EM595 benchtop controller is a laser diode driver that is suitable for driving single-mode and DFB lasers, and allows quick and easy testing and verification of products in a production line. The device combines a laser driver and thermoelectric cooler controller into a compact, benchtop device with an intuitive user interface.


Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers (SM & MM Pumps)

Single-mode (SM) pump lasers and multi-mode (MM) pump lasers are made presented with ruggedized, epoxy-free designs intended for a wide range of harsh, long-life environments. FBG (fiber Bragg grating) stabilized SM lasers are made available with up to 700mW rated output power in the 974-981 nm range, as well as PM fiber-coupled lasers. MM pump lasers provide up to 7 W of output power in the 808-975 nm range.

Fiber-QTM Fiber Coupled Modulators

The Fast Switch Rate Fiber-Q modulators are designed fiber laser modulation and frequency shifting, allowing direct control of the timing, intensity, and temporal shape of the laser output. The Fiber-Q is has typical performance levels of as low as 2 dB insertion loss, extinction ratio of 50 dB, return loss of 40dB, and polarization extinction ratio of 20 dB.


For more information regarding features, specifications, and parameters for each type of product, download the available datasheets, or contact Gooch & Housego.