Fastest Multi-Wavelength Meter: 438 Series

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.

 Fastest Multi-Wavelength Meter: 438 Series

The 438 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter is designed to take the fastest wavelength, power, and OSNR measurements (at 10 Hz) for the analysis of as many as 1000 discrete optical signals. This meter offers high efficiency, straightforward operation, and a rugged design for the most efficient WDM wavelength testing available, even in the most demanding applications.

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With combined Michelson interferometer-based technology and fast Fourier transform analysis, the 438 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter measures wavelength to an accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm, power to an accuracy of ± 0.5 dB, and OSNR automatically calculated to greater than 40 dB. The meter also has a broad operational wavelength range of 1000 nm to 1680 nm to cover all optical communications bands.

Download the available datasheet for additional features and specifications on the 438 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter.

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