News | December 21, 2015

Exposure Times: How Low Can We Go?

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

The Phantom Ultrahigh-speed v2512 and v2012 with the FAST option now have ultra-low minimum exposure times--only 265 ns for the v2512, and 290 ns for the v2012. These low minimum exposures compliment the ultrahigh-speeds of up to 1,000,000 frames per second (fps) offered by the FAST option, helping to reduce motion blur.  The minimum exposure times are available at any fps and resolution, to help provide a crisp image for any application, supporting the critical analyses relying on high-speed imaging.  In applications such as ballistics or spray analysis that demand the highest possible speed, super-low minimum exposures are a necessity to capture a clear image.

The lower minimum exposure times will be available to all v2512 and v2012 customers via an upcoming firmware release (and subject to having ordered the FAST option). These new lower minimum exposures are also available to any v2511 or v2011 equipped with the FAST option.  Simply contact Vision Research Service and Support for the FREE upgrade.

Vision Research’s FAST option is available on all UHS-12 cameras, and allows the v2512 and v2012 to achieve 1,000,000 fps at a resolution of 128x32 or less.  The FAST option is export controlled.


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