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Spotlight On Optical Coatings & Filters
The Role Of DUV Coatings In Enabling Next Gen Semiconductor Devices

The latest innovation in optical coatings technology is helping to meet the evolving requirements of today’s semiconductor industry. G&H explains how the latest developments in DUV coatings can optimize your laser tool performance at even shorter wavelengths.

How A Filter Is Specified

To achieve a desired optical functionality, key parameters must be communicated. Understanding the filter function and use conditions allows the filter design team to create a filter specification that will ensure the functional requirements are met by a filter that is manufacturable under the commercial constraints (cost, lead-time, volume) of the customer.

Alluxa Introduces HELIX™ Spectral Analysis System For Measuring High-Performance Thin-Film Optical Filters

The HELIX Spectral Analysis System has redefined measurement capabilities of high performance thin-film optical filters. HELIX is an instrument designed and developed by Alluxa Engineering staff to address the limitations of most commercially available spectrophotometers.

Industry Insights
How To Select The Best Optical Adhesive For Your Application

Choosing the best adhesive for your application can be challenging. Assuming a certain adhesive meets your needs could prove costly in both time and money, but asking a few questions beforehand could greatly increase the likelihood of success.

Measuring Laser Power With The IS Series

Gentec-EO’s new IS power detectors combine the speed of photodetectors with the attenuation of integrating spheres. Combining these two technologies with Gentec-EO’s own recipe for a high damage-threshold absorber offers many advantages.

Understanding Detectors With Thermoelectric Coolers

In order to optimize a detector for enhanced performance levels within their designated applications, it is important to understand the heatsinking of the package. A detector’s thermal resistance is minimized by the proper heat sink selection and mounting by using a thermal interface material.

Imaging Nanoporous Stamp Printing

Using a Phantom high-speed camera, MIT researchers observed what happens to ink during a new printing process, opening up new doors for electronics. 

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Featured Multimedia
Commercial Optics, Thin-Film Coatings, And Precision Optics

Dan Bukaty, president of PG&O (Precision Glass and Optics), discusses his company's commercial optics, thin-film coating, and their precision optics at Optics + Photonics conference and exhibition. 

ZYGO’s Optical Metrology Technologies Advance Materials Inspection

In this case study, ZYGO’s optical metrology technologies help advance materials inspection for the Woodward Company, one of the oldest U.S. companies delivering control systems for reciprocating engines, gas steam engines, aircraft turbines, and aircraft actuation flight control. As these systems become more advanced, they must be regulated at higher standards.

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A Broadening Spectral Range For Optical Coatings And Filters

Peter Egerton set aside some time at the Photonics West 2022 exhibition to catch us up on improvements Alluxa has made over the last six months to broaden their spectral range. Learn how their in-house proprietary deposition process results in a high degree of uniformity, stability, and extremely high layer counts, which allow for steeper slopes and deeper blocking all while maintaining high transmission

Featured Solutions
Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass & Coatings

Anti-reflective (AR) glass is created by bonding specially selected materials to the surface(s) of the glass. While uncoated glass has a surface reflectivity of approximately 4% per surface, (AR) glass will have a reflection value less than uncoated, ranging down to 0.1% in some cases.

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Abrisa Technologies
Catalog: Optical Filters For Challenging Applications

Filters play an important part in an imaging system, blocking unintentional wavelength and troublesome surrounding light and selecting wavelength ranges to transmit at a high percentage.

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Schneider Optics
Spectroscopy CCD OEM Solutions

Raptor offers a range of CCD based cooled detectors to meet OEM requirements across a range of spectroscopy applications.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
Two-Color Sandwich Detectors

OSI Optoelectronics offers three types of dual sandwich detectors. The silicon-silicon sandwich comprises one silicon photodiode placed on top of the other, with the photons of shorter wavelengths absorbed in the top silicon and the photons of longer wavelengths absorbed by the bottom photodiode. 

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OSI Optoelectronics
Optical Filters For Next-Generation, 1550 nm Light Source Brochure

Infrared transmission optical filters are used with a 1550 nm light source that is not subject to the output limits of IEC recommendations for eye protection. This is to offer a better SN performance even under sunlight, since solar radiation intensity around 1550 nm is very weak.

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HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division