Newsletter | February 8, 2021

02.08.21 -- Ensuring Laser Power Stability | Laser Forensics

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How To Ensure Laser Power Stability In Your Processes

This article will cover the recurring concept of laser power stability, which is critical to better understand when you want to optimize your current or future setup involving Gentec-EO detectors.

Industry Insights
Iridian PCR Filters

Iridian Spectral Technologies delivers an array of ultra-performance filters for real-time PCR applications. These customized emission, excitation, and dichroic filters deliver more signal with less background noise to the fluorescent users and OEMs.

Using SWIR For Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) High-Resolution Imaging In Tissue

By using the 1.05 µm central wavelength, instrumentation companies are now developing systems to image deeper through the retina into the blood vessel layer (called the choroid) to diagnose eye diseases and monitor treatment.

Do You Know What You Are Really Buying?

Datasheets can be misleading, so how do you know what you are really buying? To help optical designers and engineers view optical datasheets more critically and ask the right questions of lens providers, this article discusses key datasheet parameters.

Basic PIN Photodiode Characteristics

This Q&A answers questions relating to basic PIN photodiode characteristics and the applications they are used in.

Laser Forensics: The Invisible, Revealed And Measured

Scanovis has developed a laser-based solution that, among other things, uses IR laser radiation to detect fingerprints at the scene of a crime, quickly making them visible in a 3-D scan and recording them digitally. 

Creating Tungsten Tips Using Mad City Labs SPM Etch Kit

The Mad City Labs SPM etch kit is designed to allow users to create a sharp tungsten tip suitable for scanning probe microscopy. The instrumentation allows the user to attach a tungsten wire to a quartz tuning fork and electrochemically etch the wire. 

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UV-Enhanced Detector With 5.5 mm Diameter Active Area: UVG20S

Opto Diode offers a new ultraviolet-enhanced detector featuring UV detection between 190 nm and 400 nm spectral wavelength, with a full spectrum of 190 nm out of 1000 nm. The device features stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges and 100 percent internal quantum efficiency from 200 to 400 nm.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
Precision Optical Solutions — Custom And Commercial

PG&O provides complete, in-house turnkey optics solutions, including precision optics and commercial components, thin film coatings, complete fabrication services, and an extensive in-house glass inventory. PG&O is also expert at fabrication and assembled optics.  

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PG & O Precision Glass & Optics
3-D Optical Surface Profilers: NewView 9000

Zygo Corporation's NewView 9000 instrument is based on innovative and versatile noncontact optical technologies. Ideal applications include research, precision engineering, quality control, and advanced manufacturing.

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Zygo Corporation