Newsletter | March 11, 2020

03.11.20 -- Electric Component Testing | Pyroelectric Detectors Discussed

Technology Advances Lead To CMOS Sensor With Record Resolution
Article | By Hajime "Jim" Ueno, Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group

In the past decade, CMOS sensors have emerged as the imaging technology of choice for many applications. Today, they are not only used in almost all cell phones and mobile devices, but are also commonly found in industrial and medical cameras.

Electronic Component Testing: A Non-Contact Sport
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

The smaller and more powerful an electronic device becomes, the more damage can be caused from its inherent heat. Designers are continuously looking for ways to keep components cool while maintaining the quality and integrity of performance.

Custom & OEM Solutions
Article | OSI Optoelectronics

In addition to an extensive assortment of standard products, OSI Optoelectronics has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years. 

LIDAR And Optical Filters – Helping Autonomous Vehicles See More Clearly
Article | Iridian Spectral Technologies

The evolution of sensing and imaging systems, combined with the desire to create safer, more efficient transportation systems, is driving the development of autonomous vehicles. LIDAR is a key technology that will eventually help carry this growth through to “Level 5” autonomy.

Pyroelectric Detectors: Materials, Applications, And Working Principle
Application Note | Laser Components USA, Inc.

Pyroelectric detectors are thermal detectors that use temperature fluctuations to create a charge change on the surface of pyroelectric crystals, which produces a corresponding electrical signal. This application note discusses the materials used for their fabrication, how they operate, and their ideal applications.

  SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

April 16 to 30, 2020 | Anaheim, CA

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing showcases the latest research and advancements in sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, AI/machine learning, and more.

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Multiband Calibration Filters Catalog

Hoya’s multiband calibration filters are used as wavelength calibrations and dual-color-type filters. These include V-10 and V-30 (containing neodymium) and HY-1 (containing holmium), all of which can absorb a remarkable number of specific wavelengths.

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