DWDM Optical Wavelength Meter: 228 Series

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.

DWDM Optical Wavelength Meter (228, 328 Series)

Bristol Instruments offers a family of optical wavelength meters specifically designed for DWDM testing applications. The 228 Series of Optical Wavelength Meters combine high accuracy and exceptional reliability to achieve the most meaningful test results. With features such as straightforward operation and rugged design, the 228 systems satisfy the needs of both the research scientist and the manufacturing engineer

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The 228 Series Optical Wavelength Meter uses a proven Michelson interferometer-based design to measure the absolute wavelength of CW lasers. The 228A systems measure wavelength to an accuracy of ± 0.3 pm. For less exacting test requirements, the 228B are lower-priced alternatives with a wavelength accuracy of ± 1.2 pm. Wavelength accuracy is maintained over long periods of time with continuous calibration using a built-in wavelength standard. This performance is verified by rigorously testing with laser sources that are traceable to an NIST standard.

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