Newsletter | September 1, 2021

09.01.21 -- Directed-Energy Weapons Pros & Cons | One-Stop Optics Shop

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What's The Fuss With Vertical Integration In Optics?

As an optical system supplier, Zygo has three internal groups: Zygo Precision Optics, Zygo Extreme Precision Optics, and Zygo Electro Optics. Together they make it possible to control the key competencies that make for a vertically integrated supplier.

Phantom Goes To MIT: A Series Of Case Studies

High-speed photography is alive and well at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Edgerton Center. The Center makes high-speed imaging equipment available to students to help further their education in science and engineering.

Directed-Energy Laser Devices — Advantages And Challenges

Directed-energy weapons have been at the cutting edge of military research for over 40 years. The idea of directed-energy weapons that employ either laser, microwave, or particle beams was the driving force behind President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in 1983. 

Breeze — A Safer And Faster Way For Illicit Drug Detection

Everywhere law enforcement and first responders operate, they risk exposure to illicit and dangerous substances, from fentanyl (a synthetic opiate painkiller) and synthetic cannabinoids to phosphorous and other chemicals that react violently when exposed to open air.

How Often Should I Recalibrate My Laser Power Or Energy Detector?

Now that you got your hands on a brand-new Gentec-EO laser power or laser energy detector, you may be wondering when you will have to let go of this awesome piece of technology for recalibration. Or maybe you've found a dusty detector in a colleague's drawer and are wondering if the calibration is still valid.

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Podcast: Pushing Boundaries Together

On this episode, TERA-print's Andrey Ivankin discusses his breakthroughs in desktop beam-pen-lithography (BPL) devices and how they are pushing the boundaries of nanofabrication. Join PI-USA's David Rego as he explores more about the implications of this technology with Andrey.

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Webinar: Designing And Manufacturing Hi-Res SWIR Lens Systems For Harsh Environments

SWIR imaging systems are deployed for defense and security applications, often in the harshest of environments. Using SWIR provides vision through haze, mist, rain, fog, and other challenging atmospheric conditions.

Featured Solutions
Space And Specialty Optical Filters For Earth Observation

In astronomical observations, optical filters provide the wavelength selectivity needed to enable telescopes to discriminate signal from background information. These filters often require larger sizes, higher uniformity, and excellent surface quality and surface figure.

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Iridian Spectral Technologies
92 KHz, InGaAs, Line Scan Camera: 1024-LDH2

Sensors Unlimited’s 1024-LDH2 is a high-speed, 1024-pixel, line scan, InGaAs camera that increases the A-line rate to 91,911 lines per second to enable spectral domain OCT to capture detailed 3D volumes of the retina, nerve head, and choroid layer in the blink of an eye. For 1.31 μm SD-OCT, diode array-based OCT systems offer superior phase stability for doppler or polarization-sensitive OCT.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
IR Optics Optimized For 10 To 12 μm Uncooled Detectors

Ophir Optics Group delivers new optimized IR optics designs that match the needs of upcoming 10 to 12 μm uncooled detectors that must meet superior SWaP standards, enable a reduction in the size of the optical system, and provide a shorter focal length and a longer detection range.

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Ophir Optics Group