Dichroic Filters - Color Coatings

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Dichroic Filters - Color Coatings
Dichroic color filter coatings are an excellent alternative to dyed plastics and glass. Unlike plastic color gels that can age and breakdown relatively quickly during use, dichroic filters are designed to stand up to the heat and Ultra Violet (UV) energy in high energy light sources.
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Dichroic Filters – Color Coatings Specifications Sheet

High energy light sources can also have a damaging affect on dyed glasses as well due to their heat absorbing nature. Dichroic color filters have the advantage of reflecting unwanted light instead of absorbing the energy, which allows dichroic filters to be used with much higher intensity light sources. Dichroic color filters are used in a variety of applications including architectural, entertainment, science, and engineering.

At Abrisa Technologies, we have over 160 different colors of dichroics in stock and each are 1.75mm (.069) thick unless noted on Borofloat®. Long lasting filters are good up to 900°F. Many color correction and specialty filters are available.

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