Newsletter | September 1, 2004

9.1.04 -- DenseLight Sets A New Gold Standard With 100s-mW-class Superluminescent LEDs (SLEDs)
Top News Stories
DenseLight Sets A New Gold Standard With 100s-mW-class Superluminescent LEDs (SLEDs)
Leading Optical Chip And Module Manufacturers Announce 10 Gbit/s Miniature Device (XMD) MSA For TOSA/ROSA
RSoft Design Group Joins Cadence Connections Program
Photop Launches Pigtailed RGB Laser
Lambda Physik® Introduces Long-Lifetime COMPex® Excimer Laser Series
Newport Introduces Probes And Accessories For OSM Spectrometer Line
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NYCTEA Thermal Imaging Lenses
This line of thermal imaging lenses from Janos Technology also allows for operation in the near infrared (NIR). This lens will allow you to make use of your camera's full potential over the entire spectral range it is able to detect...

Power Entry Modules
Corry Micronics' power entry modules are ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations. Their metal cases provide high performance and are designed to perform in the harshest industrial environments. Downloadable product catalog available...

Consulting Services
ProSavvy brings clients with projects together with consultants who have the right expertise. We also provide consultants the ability to access project opportunities. Visit ProSavvy and post your project today!
Featured Book
Advanced Photonics With Second-Order Optically Nonlinear Processes
By: A.d. Boardman & L. Pavlov

Advanced Photonics contains 42 contributions comprising the proceedings of an international conference focusing on solitons, quasi-phase matching, frequency conversion, and parametric interactions as themes of primary importance in the field. Topics addressed include plane and guided wave effects and devices via quadratic cascading; full vector theory of fundamental and second-harmonic cw waves; and much more...

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