Newsletter | April 21, 2021

04.21.21 -- Defense & Test Range Thermal Imaging | Cytometry Gets Fast

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HD Thermal Imaging For Defense Research And Test Ranges

Infrared target signature research and target tracking place substantial technical demands on thermal imaging cameras, as well as the researchers using those cameras. FLIR develops thermal imaging systems to overcome challenges on both fronts. 

Product Focus
Thermal Imaging Cameras For R&D Applications: FLIR A6780 SLS LWIR Datasheet

The FLIR A6780 SLS LWIR thermal imaging camera is designed to easily measure the temperatures of rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets across a wide temperature range. This camera system features a cooled Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) detector that provides faster snapshot speeds and crisper images than other detectors when imaging ambient temperature scenes.

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FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
Industry Insights
Laser Interferometry — An Enabling Technology For Optimized Automated Manufacturing

Precision beryllium mirror manufacturer Cambridge Technology explains how the use of best-in-class interferometry hardware and software solutions has streamlined its manufacturing processes and added efficiencies as well as time and cost savings across the company.

OCT Systems Innovation – Component Specification To Design For Manufacture

OCT systems manufacturers need to deliver systems capable of higher resolution imaging, faster, and at lower costs than ever before, posing a challenge. To achieve fit for purpose components and systems that are to specification, budget, and timeline at scale, while reducing costs over the product lifetime, the challenge requires efficient and effective system design.

VIS And NIR Imaging In One Shot: GoldenEye Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager

Spectral imaging benefits from a well-calibrated instrument, an intuitive user interface, and pinpoint accuracy. BaySpec has combined all these attributes in one package.

Cytometry Gets Fast

Flow cytometry plays an increasingly important role in cell analysis. Modern flow cytometry, which can support cancer research and drug development, has analyzers that allow researchers to characterize the image of single cells. This characterization provides insights into a variety of key cellular phenotypes.

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Featured Solutions
Coated Laser Optics

LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures dielectric coatings for a wide range of laser optics applications. The laser optics provided by LASER COMPONENTS are mostly OEM products that meet the individual customer's specifications; the products include substrates and dielectric coatings. 

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Pyroelectric Laser Energy Detectors

Gentec-EO offers the largest selection of calibrated laser energy sensors for the measurement of laser powers from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse. They are offered in standalone formats, where the electronics are integrated in the device, or as standard sensors that can be hooked up to an energy meter.

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Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
XY(Z) Integrated Multi-Axis Positioning System With Controller: X-417

The X-417 from PI is a multi-axis positioning system that delivers an integrated solution for industrial applications with high demands on dynamics and precision. XY or XYZ systems with suitable ACS high-performance controller are available with several travel ranges from 204 to 407 mm.

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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
High-Resolution, High-Speed Lenses For 16k Pixel Line Scan Sensors: Xenon-Sapphire Series

The Xenon-Sapphire series of high-resolution, high-speed lenses are designed for 16k pixel line scan sensors, with several models optimized for a certain magnification range. These lenses feature pixel size of 3.5 µm and are compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures.

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Schneider Optics
ULTRA Series Bandpass Filters

Through a combination of precision wavelength control, ultra-steep edges, deep blocking, and the industry's highest transmission levels, Alluxa’s ULTRA Series of hard-coated, thin-film optical bandpass filters will optimize the performance of a variety of instruments.

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Alluxa, Inc.