News | November 17, 2009

COMPACT Diode Laser System Series Extends Power Range


DILAS Industrial Laser Systems recently announced the power extensions for its COMPACT Diode Laser System Series; 300W out of a 200µm fiber and 400W out of a 300µm fiber at 9xxnm. The fiber-coupled, turnkey diode laser systems are based on conduction-cooled diode laser bars.

Along with the COMPACT 500W, 400µm, the COMPACT 300W, 200µm and 400W, 300µm systems complete the product portfolio and provide highest reliability as well as up-time. The systems are available with an industrial water-to-air chiller, power supply and an integrated control unit. The turnkey diode laser systems features are controllable via 24V interface signals. The 19'' rack mount for laser and cooling unit make them easy to integrate for OEM integrators.

The COMPACT diode laser systems can be combined with a wide range of accessories for process control, including laser processing heads, cameras, pyrometer, galvo scanner and galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer.

In combination with a galvo scanner, these turnkey diode laser systems are the ideal source for quasi-simultaneous plastics welding. The new extended beam properties provide advantages like increased working fields and larger working distances, respectively smaller focal diameters. This guarantees a higher flexibility as well as productivity.

About DILAS Industrial Laser Systems
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SOURCE: DILAS Industrial Laser Systems

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Datasheet: COMPACT Diode Laser System 300/300 (300W, 300µm)
Datasheet: COMPACT Diode Laser System 300/200 (300W, 200µm)