Newsletter | June 21, 2022

06.21.22 -- Building Active Feedback Control: Methods At The Nanoscale

Building Active Feedback Control: Methods At The Nanoscale

Active feedback control can be accomplished in either a closed-loop system or an open-loop system, using various combinations of software and hardware, depending on the demands of the experiment. 

Extreme Metrology: Big Science Requires A Nano-Perspective

Extreme metrology applications involve more than enough unknown variables. Instrumentation whose performance has been proven should not be one of them.

Understand Noise At The Sub-Nanometer Scale

Every nanopositioner has a small amount of uncertainty in its position that contributes noise to a measurement. It's important to understand what position noise is and where it comes from in order to know just how accurate the nanopositioner is.

High-Resolution Steps For Angular Displacement

This application note presents data demonstrating the Nano-MTA2's ability to take extremely small steps of 25 nanoradians and for these steps to be discerned by an external measurement. This performance is possible due to the low noise and high-resolution capabilities of PicoQ sensors.

Video Spotlight
Video: Nanopositioners, What Are They Good For?

This presentation provides an overview of what a nanopositioning system is, and, more importantly, how this versatile tool can be used across a range of physics applications.

Piezoelectric Mirror Tip/Tilt Actuators: Nano-MTA Series

The Nano-MTA Series are piezo nanopositioning mirror tip/tilt actuators. With nanoradian resolution, the Nano-MTA Series is ideal for applications involving laser beam steering, tracking, and scanning. The Nano-MTA series is capable of high-speed, high-stability motion and has been used in applications such as gravitational wave detection that need extremely stable and precise movement.

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