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12.15.21 -- Bright Ideas | What Is An Aspheric Lens?

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What Is An Aspheric Lens?

Aspheric lenses (or more simply, aspheres) are used in a wide variety of applications as a way to optimize optical performance while ensuring an efficient design. They are characterized by a radius of curvature that varies from the center to the edge of the lens, affording them greater optical functionality.

Consistent Measuring Technology Ensures The Quality Of Medical Lasers

Over the past several years, the fields of aesthetic medicine, surgery, and cosmetics have been revolutionized by laser technology. With the development of their innovative laser systems, Asclepion Laser Technologies contributes greatly to patient well-being and faster healing.

Silicon Wafer Inspection With SWIR Cameras

Silicon inspection can be challenging for silicon and semiconductor manufacturers in terms of pattern alignment, pattern defect inspection, and edge position bonding inspection. Foreign particles and defects may affect the wafers. This article discusses the use of silicon wafer inspection with SWIR cameras.

Durable, Front-Surface Hard Optical Coatings For Replacing Laminated Soft Coatings

Alluxa’s proprietary high-speed plasma deposition technology delivers, for the first time, the optical performance and durability of hard-coated thin film optical filters at laminated soft coating pricing.

Capture All-In-One Shot For VIS And NIR Imaging With BaySpec’s GoldenEye

BaySpec’s snapshot hyperspectral imager, GoldenEye, breaks tradition of the cumbersome imaging instrumentation and is made for durability and reliability in a compact, lightweight, and easy one-shot operation design.

Solving PCR Filter Challenges For High-Performance qPCR Instruments

qPCR instrument users need high sensitivity and pristine signal clarity to achieve numerous delicate tasks. The right combination of optical filters significantly improves this functionality.

Homegrown And World-Class: The G&H Crystal Range For Laser Manufacturers

Crystals have become indispensable for steering, switching, repolarizing, and intensifying laser beams — in other words, for controlling them in different ways for multiple applications. At G&H, crystal growth, the manufacturing process, and incorporation into components are vertically integrated within the organization.

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Hexapod 6-Axis Systems For Micro Manufacturing/Fiber Alignment Operation

This video is an introduction of hexapod parallel kinematic 6-axis positioners and a visual representation of key features of operation.

Video: Phantom TMX Golf Ball Compression

The Phantom TMX 7510 high-speed footage combined with MATLAB image processing results in mapping of full-field strains via digital image correlation (DIC). These videos help athletes to understand how energy transfers between a club and a golf ball, which informs on the selection of the club, the ball, and swing style and speed. 

Featured Solutions
Catalog: Optical Filters For Challenging Applications
Filters play an important part in an imaging system. They block unintentional wavelengths and troublesome surrounding light, while selected wavelength ranges transmit at a high percentage.
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Schneider Optics
Five-Axis Piezo Nanopositioning System: Nano-Man5

The Nano-Man5 is a five-axis piezo nanopositioning system with closed loop feedback control for absolute position measurement. The compact design makes it easy to integrate into existing instrumentation. The Nano-Man5 is designed for alignment applications that require three linear axes combined with tip/tilt capabilities. The included position sensors ensure picometer and nanoradian accuracy under closed loop control.

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Mad City Labs, Inc.
FLIR Compact Thermal Smart Sensor Camera: A50/A70

The compact A50 and A70 from FLIR are thermal, smart sensor cameras, ideal for users who want built-in, on-camera analytics. These cameras also feature alarm capabilities, perfect for condition monitoring as well as applications for early fire detection.

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Teledyne FLIR