Newsletter | November 17, 2021

11.17.21 -- Bright Ideas | Optic Fabrication: Buy Or DIY?

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Glossary Of Terms For LEDs And Photodiodes

This white paper includes a list of terms and definitions related to LEDs and photodiodes.

Optical Components For SWIR Imaging

This application note provides information on the benefits of SWIR imaging in harsh or low-light conditions and PG&O's capabilities in manufacturing optical components for SWIR imaging.

Imaging Through Atmospheric Obscurants

The Salt Lake City Valley in Utah sometimes experiences trapped air pollution in the atmosphere that severely reduces ground visibility. This article demonstrates the difference between using visible light and SWIR cameras to provide greater detail in imaging, even in challenging conditions.

Temperature Measurement Of Power MOSFETS Using FLIR Thermal Cameras

From individual component temperature measurement to thermal dynamics across a PCB, camera-based thermal imaging provides a cost-effective, accurate, and versatile solution.

In-Vivo Imaging In NIR-II/SWIR (600 To 1700 nm)

Noninvasive fluorescence imaging of small animals has been a technique widely used for years as a method in preclinical research. Techniques have developed considerably in recent years, but still face a number of limitations.

High-Pulse Laser Rotary Encoders: Positional Angle Mastery In A Tiny Package

The use of high-pulse optical-digital laser rotary encoders benefits applications where sensing or controlling the rotation and position of a mechanical system with high accuracy and exceptional resolution is required.

To Buy Or Not To Buy? Understanding And Choosing UV LEDs

Technical development is currently advancing rapidly, and it is difficult to keep up with current market developments. This article provides an overview and a practical decision-making aide to support the search for a suitable UV LED.

G&H Insight: The Growth Of Laser

Photonics emerges stronger from the pandemic, proving its robustness and resilience against market disruptions. In this article, G&H explores the demand for photonics-based solutions across sectors, applications, and pain-points, and discusses industry needs for photonic components.

Optic Fabrication: Do You Make Or Do You Buy?

Despite the inclination for manufacturers to keep product development steps in house, this can be short-sighted when fabricating optical devices. Before making a decision, analyze whether making or buying optical parts and components is the best approach for your team, budget, and business goals.   

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Webinar: Precise Measurement Of Super-Polished Surfaces And Case Study Data

This webinar will discuss the precise measurements of super-smooth polished surfaces and present a case study with real-world examples on these types of samples.

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Novel, High-Linearity Atomic-Force-Spectrometer Apparatus For Quantitative Measurement
This poster analyzes a configuration of commercially available single-molecule force spectrometer that makes use of a faster and more linear actuator than previously possible. The linearity, bandwidth, and comparative absence of hysteretic behavior for this multi-axis assembly ensure previously unattained resolution.
Featured Solutions
Hyperspectral Imagers

The new OCI-F Series from BaySpec is made up of miniature push-broom hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the VNIR (400 to 1000 nm) wavelength ranges. The ultra-compact designs, simple operation, and intuitive software make these cameras ideal for many spectroscopy applications.

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BaySpec Inc.
ULTRA Series Optical Filters And Coatings

The ULTRA Series optical filters and coatings are specifically designed to be integrated into the most sophisticated instruments used in biotechnology, remote sensing, telecommunications, chemical engineering, robotics, and a variety of other fields.

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Alluxa, Inc.
High-Performance Thin Film Optical Coatings Technical Capabilities

ZC&R Coatings for Optics, an Abrisa Technologies Company, provides high-efficiency thin film optical coatings for industrial, commercial, and opto-electronic applications. This broad selection of coatings is applied with an electron beam and an ion-assisted electron beam deposition to influence and control reflectance, transmittance, absorbance, and resistance. Whether it be the materials used or the desired outcome, these experts can deliver coatings to the most detailed specifications.

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Abrisa Technologies
Ultra-Compact Laser Power Meter For High-Power Industrial Lasers In Confined Spaces: Ophir Ariel

Ophir's Ariel is a self-contained, ultra-compact laser power meter for measuring high-power industrial lasers up to 8 KW. Designed for OEM and end-user applications in closed and confined spaces, such as additive manufacturing, metal cutting, and welding, the Ariel is a robust, battery-powered device that requires no water or fan cooling and is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand.

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Ophir Photonics