Newsletter | September 14, 2022

09.14.22 -- ATOFs In Space | Bright Ideas

From The Editor
Spotlight On Space & Astronomy
Fast Steering Mirrors For Deep Space/Free Space Optical Communication

High-precision tip/tilt mechanisms keep laser beams stabilized and precisely on target. Driving the first photonics boom of the late 1990s was the initiative to replace costly, laggy, and limited satellite telecom links, based on radio frequency (RF) signals with long-haul optical fiber cables running across oceans and continents. 

G&H Launches ATOFs Into Space

Acousto-optic tunable filters (AOTFs) consist of solid-state technology partnered with high speeds and random-access tuning. G&H is adept at supplying optical components and sub-systems for demanding applications, including acousto-optic devices for operation in a space environment. 

Messages From Above — Optical Satcom Lights The Way

The next advances in communications, 5G, and machine-to-machine communications will require “help from above” to blanket literally every corner of our planet with high-speed, ultra-low latency, secure networks. Telecom, meet satcom.

Industry Insights
Freeform Optical Solutions For Digital Immersive Displays In AR/MR

Freeform optical surface shapes have evolved from an intriguing optical design concept to a practical necessity for applications ranging from space and defense to consumer electronics. The demand is no more strongly felt than in the development of digital immersive displays for AR/MR. 

Extreme Metrology: Big Science Requires A Nano-Perspective

Extreme metrology applications involve more than enough unknown variables. Instrumentation whose performance has not been proven should not be one of them.

The Invisible Light Revolution – Bulb & Laser Components UVC LEDs

Environmentally friendly UVC LEDs enable new designs thanks to their compact dimensions. This article provides an overview of parameters to consider with UVC LEDs. Parameters to consider include wavelength, wall plug efficiency, and optical output.

Understanding High-Performance SWIR Imaging Cameras

The use of imaging systems to capture long wavelength photons continues to increase in diverse application areas. This white paper discusses the performance of InGaAs detector arrays with sensitivities in the VIS-SWIR region.

Advanced Plasma Deposition Improves Ultra Narrowband Optical Filters

Narrowband filters are a critical technology for LiDAR, laser cleanup, chemical and gas sensing, and more. Because creating multicavity filters is a challenge for deposition process control systems, Alluxa uses a computer-controlled variation on the turning point method of thickness control for each individual layer.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Learn How To Use Ariel, Ophir’s "All In One" Sensor

Learn how to use the Ariel, Ophir’s new ultra-compact "all in one" sensor for measuring high-power industrial lasers up to 8 Kw.

Bulletin Board
Space Qualified Piezoelectric Transducers On The Mars Rover

After successful testing for 100 billion cycles, high-performance piezoelectric transducers were used by the Mars Rover to determine if life ever existed on the red planet.

Featured Solutions
Precision Thin Film Optical Coatings

ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R), an Abrisa Technologies company, designs and manufactures innovative precision thin film coating solutions for micro-electronics, defense and avionics, display, industrial automation, optical sensors and imaging, photonics, medical/dental, life science analytics, and other market applications. 

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Abrisa Technologies
Turnkey Optical Solutions

PG&O Precision Glass & Optics provides complete optical solutions that operate in ranges from the mid-UV into the visible and out to the IR wavelength regions.

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PG&O Precision Glass & Optics
EMCCD Camera For Scientific Imaging And Spectroscopy

Princeton Instrument’s ProEM-HS is an EMCCD camera that provides enhanced QE and fringe suppression when compared to standard back-illuminated sensors. Its 20 MHz speed and >60 fps EM mode make it an ideal imaging solution for the capture of low light and fast kinetics, while a slow scan CCD mode with a very low readout noise lends itself well to precision photometry applications.

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Princeton Instruments
Cooled SuperGamut NIR Spectrometer

SuperGamut near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers are capable of wavelength detection ranges covering 900-1,700 nm, with extended cutoffs at 1,950 nm, 2,050 nm, 2,250 nm, or 2,550 nm. The improved wavelength coverage and an ultra-low noise operation provide up to six times higher signal/noise improvement over traditional Czerny-Turner reflective grating based designs. The InGaAs detector arrays can be selected with single- or two-stage TEC cooling, deep cooled -55°C, or water cooled down to -90°C for excellent low light sensitivity in a variety of applications.

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BaySpec Inc.
Motorized Flat Top Stage: H101

Prior Scientific introduces the H101, the latest and most innovative motorized stage for upright microscopes. Benefits of the ProScan H101F include a completely flat top plate design, providing unlimited obstruction free space for objective and nose piece rotation.

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Prior Scientific Inc.