Newsletter | May 1, 2021

05.01.21 -- April's Most Popular Articles & News

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How To Avoid Damage To Your Thermal Sensors

If thermal sensors are used correctly from the get-go, they can be used over many years without any need for repair. This article briefly summarized the four most common causes that significantly influence the measurement accuracy of thermal sensors, as well as corresponding preventive measures.

Top Industry Insights
VCSEL- Illuminating Sensor Technology Goes Mainstream

Laser Components USA, Inc. VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) sensor advantages include packaging convenience performance, providing more information than LED-based sensors, and delivering an order of magnitude lower than LEDs.

Thermal Imaging Of Power MOSFETs Under Thermal Runaway Conditions

Whereas older power MOSFETs would share internal power, newer MOSFETs grab the current, causing thermal runaway. Using a thermal camera and an oscilloscope to look at the voltage and current internal to the MOSFET, we can understand how a hot spot develops on its surface.

Is Your Laser Cutting Machine Losing Power Over Time?

Output power is one of the most critical parameters of laser cutting machines that could decrease over time due to wear and tear or user errors. Therefore, diagnosing it by using appropriate power monitoring instruments and techniques is easy and saves time and money for your business.

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