Absolute X-Ray Photodiode: AXUV 100GX

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

Absolute X-Ray Photodiode: IRD AXUV 100GX

Opto Diode offers a new product line of semiconductor radiation sensors for detecting photons and other particles. The new product line includes the AXUV 100GX Absolute X-ray Photodiode. The X-ray detector possesses known active silicon thicknesses and 100 percent internal quantum efficiency, making possible absolute measurement of X-ray flux with energies 100 keV and beyond.

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Opto Diode’s unique line of AXUV 100GX photodiodes features a large (10 mm x 10 mm square) active area with room-temperature operation and a small detector footprint. Simple to use and, unlike any other X-ray detectors on the market, the X-ray detector requires no external voltage for operation. The nitrided-oxide front window of the AXUV 100GX diode provides up to a Gigarad (SiO2) of radiation hardness which is 10,000 times greater than standard PIN silicon photodiodes. Photodiodes with directly-deposited, thin-metallic filters are available for reducing response to visible light by several orders of magnitude.

X-ray responsivity measurements performed at PTB Germany confirm the responsivity of AXUV 100GX devices can be calculated from their known silicon thickness.

The advanced sensors are used internationally by synchrotron scientists and by space scientists for the solar spectrum studies. AXUV 100 GX X-ray photodetectors are manufactured domestically and available for shipping now from Opto Diode’s Southern California facility.

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