20-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection and Bolometry

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

20-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection and Bolometry

This latest addition to Opto Diode’s family of multi-element photodiodes features an active area of 0.75 mm x 4.1 mm, a sensitive area of 3 mm2 per element, and a 22-pin, dual in-line package with 100% quantum efficiency.

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The AXUV20ELG 20-element photodiode is ideal for bolometry applications as well as electron detection due to its ability to provide EUV-UV and UV-VIS-NIR photon responsivity. Its reverse breakdown voltage is 25 volts (typical) and its capacitance is 40 pF (max, at 25oC per element). In addition to the aforementioned features, this photodiode provides outstanding stability (even after exposure to high levels of radiation) and a 200 nsec rise time and shunt resistance per element (at 100 MOhms minimum). For more information, download the datasheet.

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