Newsletter | November 19, 2019

11.19.19 -- 12 Considerations For Thermal Infrared Camera Lens Selection

12 Considerations For Thermal Infrared Camera Lens Selection

There are many factors to be considered when developing a solution that requires a thermal imager or infrared (IR) camera, such as the application, waveband requirement, minimum resolution, pixel size, and the ability to scale production. An element that will impact many of these considerations is the IR camera lens. This white paper offers 12 considerations when selecting the optimal lens for a thermal imaging solution.

Why HOT MWIR Might Be A Better Fit Than Uncooled LWIR
Advancements in high-operating temperature (HOT) MWIR, uncooled LWIR, and dual-color detector designs have made these cameras suitable for missions previously dominated by uncooled LWIR cameras. Read the full article for a comparison between the new HOT MWIR cameras and uncooled LWIR cameras.
The HOT Infrared Imaging Market Is Heating Up

New infrared camera cores with high operating temperatures allow the construction of imaging systems that are smaller, lighter, and less power-hungry. That’s opening up new uses, from airborne to hand-carried applications.

8 Things Engineers Should Know About Thermal Imaging: A Guide For Integrating Thermal Sensors Into Your Next Project
Thermal sensors are used to detect and display differences in the relative intensities of infrared energies emitted or reflected from an object. In order to add thermal imaging sensor technologies to an application, there are a few things to consider for ensuring each requirement is met. This article presents eight tips that every engineer should know about thermal imaging and integrating it into your next project.
5 Factors Influencing Radiometric Temperature Measurements
Thermal imaging offers qualitative imagery with accurate temperature measurements for a variety of applications, including firefighting and security. In order to gather the most precise temperature measurements, a number of things must be kept in mind that could greatly affect thermal camera accuracy.