2/3" format (11mm Image Circle) Lenses

Source: Schneider Optics


Schneider Optics’ 2/3" compact C-Mount lenses are optically corrected and broadband coated for the spectral range of 400-1000nm(VIS+NIR) on megapixel cameras. They are ideal for applications involving security, machine vision, 2D/3D measurements, traffic control and surveillance, food processing, biometrics, automotive crash testing, and defect detection classification. These compact, C-Mount lenses are also ideal for medical, robot vision, packaging, web inspection, and aerospace applications.

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These 2/3” Compact C-Mount Lenses feature excellent optical imaging performance even with the smallest pixel sizes, precise focusing via fine thread for perfect focus adjustment, industrial strength metal mounting, vibration insensitivity for stable imaging performance, a compact design resulting in low space requirements, and more.

These lenses can image properly across the entire specified range without any focus shifts. The robust mechanical design with lockable focus and iris-setting mechanism guarantees long-term stability even in typical production environments.

Most of the 2/3” format lenses accept an M30.5x0.5 filter thread, with the exception of the Cinegon 1.8/4.8mm and Cinegon 2.1/6mm lenses that uses a filter adapter to accept an M62x0.75 filter. Compact Series lenses are also available for 16mm and 22mm sensors.

21-1001955 CINEGON 1.8/4.8MM COMPACT

21-1055691 CINEGON 2.1/6MM COMPACT

21-1001919 CINEGON 1.4/8MM COMPACT

21-1001951   CINEGON 1.4/12MM COMPACT

21-1001957 XENOPLAN 1.4/17MM COMPACT

21-1001917 XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT

21-1001960 XENOPLAN 1.9/35MM COMPACT

21-1014593 TELE-XENAR 2.2/70MM COMPACT

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