Newsletter | April 27, 2012

04.27.12 -- Live From SPIE DSS 2012 - Day 3

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One of the more interesting instruments that drew a lot of attention on the exhibition floor this week at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (DSS) was a prototype of a light-emitting diode incapacitator (LEDI) from Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. The non-lethal instrument uses bright, short pulses of light that disorient the suspect and cause flash blindness.

LEDI was originally developed for the Department of Homeland Security. It can be used in many applications, including riot control, crowd dispersal, Coast Guard operations in confined environments, correctional facility operations, and perimeter protection or area denial applications. It can be designed to fit into packaging the size of a flashlight or developed for other carriers such as a law enforcement riot shield.

Many other new technologies were also on display at the SPIE DSS exhibition. See below for videos and news from Day 3 on the exhibit floor.

Real-Time Gas Detection And Identification

Real-Time Gas Detection And Identification

Telops introduces Reveal D&I, a real-time chemical imaging software for hyperspectral data. Advanced detection algorithms are built into a user-friendly environment for detection and identification of multiple gases simultaneously. Used for applications including detection of CWAs, TICs, and VOCs, environmental monitoring, and more, this interactive software quickly and efficiently displays the location of the identified gas clouds and their evolution in real-time. Visit to find out more.

Videos From The Show
Krell Presents Fiber Shaping Workstation For Variable Angle Polishing
Al Cheswick, VP of sales and marketing at Krell Technologies, shows us the Trig Bare Fiber Polisher. This polisher provides variable angle polishing, real-time video monitoring, in-line surface inspection, PM fiber support and alignment, high-speed processing, and more.
Lightworks Optics Exec Discusses Shrinking DoD Budgets
Bill Morgan, director of business development at Lightworks Optics, addresses the "elephant in the room" at the show — shrinking DoD budgets — and what Lightworks Optics is planning to do to mitigate the impact it will have on the company.
PD-LD Features Volume-Bragg Grating, Fiber Coupled Components For Defense Markets
Tom Deberardine, executive VP of sales at PD-LD, gives us an overview of PD-LD's product lines and capabilities, as well as where they fit into the defense/security/sensing industry. PD-LD is a manufacturer of customized laser products and products based on the company's patented Volume-Bragg Grating (VBG) technology.
SPIE DSS Steering Committee Member Identifies Industry Trends, Courses Of Interest
Photonics Online's Ron Grunsby interviews Kevin Harding, SPIE Steering Committee Member and past president of the society, regarding DSS moving to Baltimore, photonics industry trends, and his opinion on courses of interest at the show.
Xenics Presents Versatile Cameras And Modules For A Variety Of Applications
Bob Grietens, CEO of Xenics, shows us a high-resolution thermal OEM module (XTM-640), a high-resolution SWIR module (XSW-640), and an uncooled InGaAs camera (Bobcat-320-Gated).
News From The Show Floor
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