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  1. Uncooled Long Wave IR Capabilities Featured at Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibition

    Uncooled IR, UV, Visible and Multispectral Imaging are featured in Teledyne booth #819 at SPIE’s Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibition.

  2. Light In A Spin

    Light must travel in a straight line and at a constant speed, or so the laws of nature suggest. Now, researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have demonstrated that laser light traveling along a helical path through space, can accelerate and decelerate as it spins into the distance.

  3. FLIR Releases ResearchIR 4.2 Software For Research And Science Applications

    FLIR Systems announced the release of version 4.2 of its ResearchIR software. ResearchIR 4.2 provides researchers and scientists a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing the thermal data captured with FLIR’s Scientific and R&D cameras.

  4. Quantum Cryptography At The Speed Of Light: Researchers Design First All-Photonic Repeaters

    Imagine having your MRI results sent directly to your phone, with no concern over the security of your private health data. Or knowing your financial information was safe on a server halfway around the world.

  5. NIST Tightens The Bounds On The Quantum Information 'Speed Limit'

    If you’re designing a new computer, you want it to solve problems as fast as possible. Just how fast is possible is an open question when it comes to quantum computers, but physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have narrowed the theoretical limits for where that “speed limit” is.

  6. Graphene Speeds Up Light-To-Electricity Conversion

    The efficient conversion of light into electricity plays a crucial role in many technologies, ranging from cameras to solar cells. It also forms an essential step in data communication applications, since it allows for information carried by light to be converted into electrical information that can be processed in electrical circuits.

  7. Cree Introduces Industry's Highest Performing LED Module

    Cree, Inc. builds on its industry-leading Cree LMH2 LED Module family with the introduction of the LMH2+, the industry’s highest performing LED module, delivering 30 percent better performance than the previous generation in the same form factor.

  8. High-Power Laser Spinoff Proves Versatility Is Strength

    Since lasers were invented in 1960, they have penetrated countless scientific, industrial and recreational fields: from eye surgery to DVD players, from cutting steel to triggering ignition in missile stages.

  9. 30 Years And Counting, The X-Ray Laser Lives On

    More than 50 years ago, when the laser was a mere 5 years old, laser physicists dreamed of the development of an X-ray laser to expand the frontier of knowledge.

  10. Vision Components Wins Innovators Award 2015 In Gold For Z Series Of Intelligent Cameras

    The image processing specialists Vision Components have been honored with the Innovators Award 2015 in Gold by American Vision Systems Design magazine. 

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