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  1. Digital In-Line Holography Helps Researchers 'See' Into Fiery Fuels

    Transportation accidents, such as trucks crashing on a highway or rockets failing on a launch pad, can create catastrophic fires.

  2. First Liquid Nanolaser Could Enable New Approach To Lab-On-Chip Diagnostics

    Northwestern University scientists have developed the first liquid nanoscale laser. And it's tunable in real time, meaning you can quickly and simply produce different colors, a unique and useful feature.

  3. LightPath Technologies Exhibiting at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing 2015

    LightPath Technologies is planning to present two new products this year at the SPIE DSS. Visit booth #417 to be among the first to see LightPath’s new Thermal Imaging assemblies for low cost sensors, and its Molded Glass Specialty Products including Acylindrical Lenses. Jeremy Huddleston will be presenting a paper entitled “Investigation of As40Se60 chalcogenide glass in precision glass molding for high-volume thermal imaging lenses” on April 22, at 8:40am.


  4. New Thermal Imaging Equipment for Portable Military Applications for Thermoteknix

    Thermoteknix, a leader in SWaP efficient thermal imaging sensor technologies, will present their versions of Pico brand products at the SPIE DSS 2015, at booth #811. The Pico640 Gen2 from ULIS’ will be showcased as the new SWaP-enhanced thermal imaging sensor that brings power consumption efficiency and performance to Thermoteknix’s MicroCAM 3 Thermal Imaging Module in booth #308.

  5. SensUp Launches New Fiber Laser Rangefinder at SPIE DSS 2015

    SensUp will present at the “Laser Radar Technology and Applications XX” Conference (Session 1, 21St April 2015, 9:20 AM) to preview their latest OEM Fiber Laser Rangefinder: the LRF 1550 MR. It is the first OEM Laser Rangefinder of the market based on Fiber Laser technology, and is designed for  long distance measurements to static or moving targets in dynamic environments.

  6. Reducing Big Data Using Ideas From Quantum Theory Makes It Easier To Interpret

    Analysing the large volumes of data gathered by modern businesses and public services is problematic. Traditionally, relationships between the different parts of a network have been represented as simple links, regardless of how many ways they can actually interact, potentially loosing precious information.

  7. Pseudoparticles Travel through Photoactive Material

    Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have unveiled an important step in the conversion of light into storable energy: Together with scientists of the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin and the Aalto University in Helsinki/Finland, they studied the formation of so-called polarons in zinc oxide.

  8. ORNL Reports Method That Takes Quantum Sensing To New Level

    Thermal imaging, microscopy and ultra-trace sensing could take a quantum leap with a technique developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

  9. New DG Connect Policies Add to Efforts for Gender Balance in Science

    The European Commission department, charged with ensuring growth in digital technologies to meet the EU’s growing needs, has moved from encouraging appropriate female representation in its events to setting policies to ensure that happens. Organizations including SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics, are also working for gender balance and have expressed their support.

  10. US Patent Office (USPTO) Awards Solar-Tectic LLC A Major Patent For Thin-Film Solar Cell And Semiconductor Technology

    Solar-Tectic LLC ("ST") announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a major patent (over 50 claims) for a wide range of technologies including the growth of single crystal, highly textured, or large grained semiconductor films on inexpensive substrates, such as ordinary glass.

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