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  1. Physicists Solve Quantum Tunneling Mystery

    An international team of scientists studying ultrafast physics have solved a mystery of quantum mechanics, and found that quantum tunneling is an instantaneous process.

  2. DILAS Showcasing High-Brightness, Fiber Laser Pumping Products At LASER World Of PHOTONICS 2015

    DILAS will be showcasing a series of high-brightness, fiber-coupled diode laser pump modules at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015. The diode laser company will also present the COMPACT-EVOLUTION turn-key platform, and a white paper entitled “Surface Cladding with Multi-kW Diode Lasers” at the event on June 22-25, 2015.

  3. Reynard Offers Durable Metalized Windows For Hermetically Sealed Optics

    Reynard Corporation is now a provider of high performance metalized windows. These optics may be used in multiple applications including windows for cryogenic storage dewars, hermetically sealed detectors, medical endoscopes, heated windows, and other special configurations. The specified metal pattern applied can be configured to various requirements. An example would be a continuous ring around the edge of an optic providing a surface for hermetically sealing it to a metal surface in airtight situations.

  4. Photron Introduces Compact & Affordable, High-Speed, 4-Megapixel HD Camera: FASTCAM Mini WX 50

    Photron, Inc. recently announced the FASTCAM Mini WX 50 as the new addition to the FASTCAM Mini WX Series. The new video camera can capture up to 750 frames per second at full four mega-pixel resolution and true 1080 HD performance to 1,500 frames per second. The new FASTCAM is cost-effective for targeted high-speed imaging applications such as biomechanics, life sciences, automotive safety testing, and much more.

  5. Iridian Announces Reduced Pricing For Standard Filters

    Iridian announced its new reduced prices for its standard filters by 8-49% due to improvements in optical filter manufacturing processes and efficiencies.

  6. FLIR Releases New Software For Research And Science Applications

    FLIR Systems has recently announced a new 4.2 version of its ReasearchIR thermal imaging software. The new software is a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing thermal data captured with FLIR’s scientific and R&D cameras. It also allows users to access their MATLAB scripts directly in ResearchIR for specially-tailored image analysis and processing tasks.

  7. On-Demand X-Rays At Synchrotron Light Sources

    Consumers are now in the era of “on-demand” entertainment, in which they have access to the books, music and movies they want thanks to the internet.

  8. Presenting the World’s smallest ALPR/ANPR stand-alone camera system: CARRIDA CAM

    Vision Components will present the new CARRIDA CAM, one of the world’s smallest stand-alone ALPR/ANPR camera system, at the Intertraffic Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. The new smart camera combines the features of CARRIDA Software Engine and the VC pro Z smart camera series, and is suitable for all outdoor applications.

  9. New SPIE Spotlights E-book Series Launched

    The international society for optics and photonics, SPIE, has launched a new peer-reviewed e-book series entitled SPIE Spotlights. The new series provides an accessible resource for professionals with tutorials on image resolution, fiber optics, and logistics of setting up a laser lab.

  10. Ophir Photonics Introduces High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors

    Ophir Photonics announces a new line of High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors that do not require water. Available in three different models, these sensors are designed to measure very high laser power levels up to 1100W with a highly efficient fan cooling that is able to handle these higher powers.

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