Current Headlines

  1. New PI Low-Cost, Compact, And Smooth Running Stepper/Servo Motor Solution

    PI offers a new L-406 compact linear stage delivers performance and reliability at minimized cost. It has applications in research and industrial applications, including bio-nanotechnology, microscopy, micromanipulation, inspection and metrology, beamline systems, and photonics instrumentation.

  2. IXYS Introduces The PCX-7500-LIV And PCX-7500-LIV-EX 60 A High-Power Laser Diode Drivers

    IXYS Corporation, a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced recently the introduction of the PCX-7500-LIV and PCX-7500-LIV-EX high-power laser diode driver/current sources by its IXYS Colorado division.

  3. Bringing Low-Cost Solar Panels To The Market

    In just one hour, the Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun to meet the world population’s electricity needs in an entire year. Tapping that vast power output efficiently and at low cost remains a challenge, but new technologies could change that.

  4. Silicon Nanoparticles Pave The Way Towards Nanoscale Light Emitters

    Scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), ITMO University (St Petersburg), and their colleagues from the Australian National University have experimentally demonstrated that silicon nanoparticles are able to significantly increase the intensity of what is known as the Raman effect.

  5. JILA Extends Laser ‘Combing’ Method To Identify Large, Complex Molecules

    The advance, described in a Nature paper published online May 4, was made possible by a cooling method developed by Harvard University ers, who co-authored the study.

  6. New Method Could Offer More Precise Treatment For Corneal Disease

    Researchers have developed a new light-based technique that selectively stiffens tissue in the cornea and might one day offer improved treatment for eye problems caused by weakened corneal tissue.

  7. Quantum Leap: Scientists Demonstrate A Compact, Efficient Single Photon Source That Can Operate At Ambient Temperatures On A Chip

    Quantum information science and technology has emerged as a new paradigm for dramatically faster computation and secure communication in the 21st century.

  8. Ophir Announces Photodiode Sensor For Measuring Power Of Laser Bar Code Scanners And Laser Printer Scanners

    Ophir Photonics Group recently announced the BC20-V1 laser sensor for measuring the power of scanned or intermittent beams. The BC20-V1 is a photodiode sensor that measures any wavelength over the spectral range of 400 – 1100nm. It is the only product on the market that is capable of measuring the power of laser bar code scanners; it also measures laser printer scanners and the peak power of pulsed mode lasers. 

  9. An Experiment Seeks To Make Quantum Physics Visible To the Naked Eye

    Predictions from quantum physics have been confirmed by countless experiments, but no one has yet detected the quantum physical effect of entanglement directly with the naked eye.

  10. Fiber Bundles For High-Power Applications

    In addition to pure illumination applications, fiber bundles are also used for applications such as material processing, UV curing, photolithography, UV spectroscopy, sensor technology, analytics, UV illumination, and Raman spectroscopy.