Current Headlines

  1. Series 9.5 ADPs With Enhanced NIR Sensitivity Up To 950 nm

    The new Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes from First Sensor feature an increased sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 950 nm. Due to its fast rise time and very low dark current the photodiodes are ideal for applications with low light intensities and high modulation frequencies such as laser rangefinding and laser scanning.

  2. Cobolt Expands Wavelength Offering On The 06-01 Series: 553 nm Lasers With Direct Modulation

    Cobolt AB recently introduced a new wavelength of 553 nm on the Cobolt 06-01 Series of plug and play CW lasers. The 06-DPL 553 nm (diode pumped laser) is available with up to 50 mW and offers direct intensity modulation (analog and digital) at up to 5 kHz.

  3. Upgraded LIGO Resumes Hunt For Colliding Black Holes And Gravitational Waves

    The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is ready to resume tracking colliding black holes and the elusive gravitational waves these cataclysmic events generate through space-time.

  4. Industrial Femtosecond Green Laser For Superior Materials Processing

    Coherent has recently extended the capabilities of their Monaco family of industrial femtosecond lasers with the first model delivering visible (green) output, enabling superior processing of a wider range of materials.  The new Monaco 517 is a fiber-based laser that produces 20 watts at 517 nm, and combines short (<400 fs) pulsewidth and high (20 µJ) pulse energy to generate the high peak intensity needed for precision micromachining of “tough” materials like polymers.

  5. PI’s Compact Linear Piezo Stages Offer Nanometer Resolution And Extended Travel Ranges

    PI offers its compact linear piezo positioners – P-620.1 to P-629.1 – of the PIHera family consisting of 60 stages available in a large variety of travel ranges. These flexure-guided piezo positioning stages deliver vibrationless motion, with virtually unlimited resolution, and fast response in comparison to mechanical bearing-guided motorized systems.

  6. Scientists Create First "Water-Wave" Laser

    For the first time, scientists have generated lasers from the interaction of light and water waves. This "water-wave" laser can find future application in optofluidic devices and "lab-on-a-chip” devices for studying cell biology and delivering drugs at the nanoscale.

  7. Hollingshead Eye Center Offers The Raindrop Lens To Reduce The Need For Reading Glasses

    Hollingshead Eye Center has adopted one of the latest advances in presbyopic eye care technology, the Raindrop lens. In the same way an image appears magnified when viewed through a droplet of water, the Raindrop lens works to improve near and intermediate vision.

  8. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions And Leti Expand Collaboration To Cover Laser Anneal Technology

    SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN) and Leti, a CEA Tech institute, recently announced they have stepped up their collaboration with the installation at Leti’s site of a nanosecond-scale UV laser anneal LT-3100 system to be delivered by Laser Systems and Solutions of Europe (LASSE), SCREEN’s subsidiary based in France.

  9. 4D Technology Introduces Adjustable Surface Isolation Source For AccuFiz Fizeau Interferometers

    4D Technology Corporation has introduced the adjustable Surface Isolation Source (SIS) for its AccuFiz Fizeau laser interferometers. SIS is an optional, external laser source for 4D Technology AccuFiz Fizeau interferometers. The fiber coupled source excludes all but the surface of interest, making it straightforward to measure flat, transparent optics with physical thickness as thin as 200 microns.

  10. FLIR Acquires Nano-Drone Maker Prox Dynamics

    Today FLIR Systems Inc. announced the acquisition of Prox Dynamics, a Norway-based manufacturer of revolutionarily small, light, nano-class unmanned aerial systems (UAS) featuring their Black Hornet aerial sensor for military and para-military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance gathering applications, for approximately $134 million in cash.