Current Headlines

  1. Sierra-Olympic’s New Ruggedized Pan-Tilt Video Surveillance System

    Sierra-Olympic Technologies recently introduced the Aeron Searcher as a new addition to their product portfolio. The Aeron Searcher is a pan-tilt, visible and thermal video surveillance system with continuous EO and IR zoom features.

  2. STIL Launches CCS Optical Comparator - STEP

    STIL, inventor of chromatic confocal imaging and world leader in the domain of chromatic confocal distance sensors, has launched its newest product: CCS Optical Comparator - STEP

  3. Laser Components Announces CW Blue Laser Diodes

    With a wide range of applications like measurement technology, sensor technology, medical technology and military applications, CW laser diodes have proved to be extremely useful.

  4. Noninvasive Imaging Method Looks Deeper Inside The Body To Study Living Brain And Other Tissues

    Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have used a noninvasive light-based imaging technology to literally see inside the living brain, providing a new tool to study how diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's, and brain tumors change brain tissue over time.

  5. A New Component Toolbox For 2 Micron Fiber Lasers

    Gooch & Housego offers a full suite of passive and active components to enable high power, all-fiber lasers at 2 µm. These instruments were developed over the three years of the ISLA project, and are comprised of G&H core competencies in design and manufacturing of fused fiber components and acousto-optic devices.  

  6. Slowing Atoms To Accelerate Technology

    Gooch & Housego is leading a project that will look to develop a robust tabletop system as the first step in commercializing cold atom systems. The “FreezeRay” program will create cooled atoms to be used for highly accurate atomic clocks for inertial navigation, finance and power synchronization.

  7. ISLA (Integrated Disruptive Components For 2 Micron Fibre Lasers) Project Concludes

    Gooch & Housego recently announced the ISLA project that started in October 2011. This project’s aim was to push the boundaries of current laser material processing technology by creating a complete set of “building-block” components for 2 µm fiber lasers.

  8. TI Introduces Its Highest Speed And Resolution DLP Chipset For 3D Printing And Lithography Applications

    Texas Instruments (TI) announced the availability of the DLP9000X, its highest speed and resolution chipset for 3D printing and lithography applications. The chipset, consisting of the DLP9000X digital micromirror device (DMD) and the newly available DLPC910 controller, offers developers more than five times the speed at continuous streaming compared to the existing DLP9000 chipset.

  9. Conferences On Sensing For Agriculture And Robotic Vision Among Expanded Topics At SPIE Defense And Commercial Sensing

    Practical, new sensing technologies enabling wide-ranging applications such as increasing crop productivity, improving neurosurgery, and delivering groceries by drone will be among topics at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing in Baltimore 17-21 April 2016.

  10. Detecting HIV Diagnostic Antibodies With DNA Nanomachines

    New research may revolutionize the slow, cumbersome and expensive process of detecting the antibodies that can help with the diagnosis of infectious and auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and HIV.