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  1. New Dark Matter Detector Gets Green Light

    A new search for dark matter will soon be underway after a second generation experiment was selected by US funding agencies. By Gail Wilson

  2. Laser 'Lightning Rods' Channel Electricity Through Thin Air

    By zapping the air with a pair of powerful laser bursts, researchers at the University of Arizona have created highly focused pathways that can channel electricity through the atmosphere.

  3. Exoplanet Measured With Remarkable Precision

    Barely 30 years ago, the only planets astronomers had found were located right here in our own solar system. The Milky Way is chock-full of stars, millions of them similar to our own sun. Yet the tally of known worlds in other star systems was exactly zero.

  4. Meadowlark Optics Acquires Commercial Products Business Unit From Boulder Nonlinear Systems

    Meadowlark Optics (Meadowlark) is pleased to announce that on July 13, 2014, Meadowlark acquired the Commercial Products Group of Boulder Nonlinear Systems (BNS).

  5. Promising Ferroelectric Materials Suffer From Unexpected Electric Polarizations

    Electronic devices with unprecedented efficiency and data storage may someday run on ferroelectrics—remarkable materials that use built-in electric polarizations to read and write digital information, outperforming the magnets inside most popular data-driven technology.

  6. 'Cavity Protection Effect' Helps To Conserve Quantum Information

    The electronics we use for our computers only knows two different states: zero or one. Quantum systems on the other hand can be in different states at once, they can store a superposition of "zero" and "one".

  7. Carbon Nanotubes And Near-Infrared Lasers Promise A Cost Effective Solution For Cell Membrane Manipulation

    Japanese researchers have developed a new, targeted method for perforating cell membranes in order to deliver drugs to, or manipulate the genes of, individual cells. The paper is published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.

  8. Laser Makes Microscopes Way Cooler

    Laser physicists have found a way to make atomic-force microscope probes 20 times more sensitive and capable of detecting forces as small as the weight of an individual virus.

  9. General Barry McCaffrey Appointed To Excelitas Technologies Board Of Directors

    Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global photonics industry leader recently announced the appointment of General Barry McCaffrey, retired Four-Star General, to the company’s board of directors.

  10. NASA’s Chandra Observatory Searches For Trigger Of Nearby Supernova

    New data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory offer a glimpse into the environment of a star before it exploded earlier this year, and insight into what triggered one of the closest supernovas witnessed in decades.

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