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  1. Presenting the World’s smallest ALPR/ANPR stand-alone camera system: CARRIDA CAM

    Vision Components will present the new CARRIDA CAM, one of the world’s smallest stand-alone ALPR/ANPR camera system, at the Intertraffic Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. The new smart camera combines the features of CARRIDA Software Engine and the VC pro Z smart camera series, and is suitable for all outdoor applications.

  2. New SPIE Spotlights E-book Series Launched

    The international society for optics and photonics, SPIE, has launched a new peer-reviewed e-book series entitled SPIE Spotlights. The new series provides an accessible resource for professionals with tutorials on image resolution, fiber optics, and logistics of setting up a laser lab.

  3. Ophir Photonics Introduces High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors

    Ophir Photonics announces a new line of High Power Fan Cooled Laser Sensors that do not require water. Available in three different models, these sensors are designed to measure very high laser power levels up to 1100W with a highly efficient fan cooling that is able to handle these higher powers.

  4. Siskiyou Patents Improved Method for Optical Mount Adjustment

    The Siskiyou Corporation has acquired a US Patent for an actuating mechanism that improves the performance of top adjusted optical mounts and linear translation stages. It dramatically enhances precision, resolution and unwanted rotational movement that occurs in traditional top adjusted mounts or stages. This patented mechanism allows the mounts and linear stages to be placed close together, while delivering the same performance and long term stability as rear adjustment mounts.

  5. 6-Axis Precision Motion for Loads up to 1 Ton

    PI (Physik Instrumente) announces a new series of preconfigured high-load hexapods. The new H-845 covers a large variety of applications including palm-sized units for micro-manufacturing, high-speed motion simulators and vacuum and UHV compatible units.

  6. SPIE Survey Reports Finds on Optics & Photonics Salaries, Gender Disparities, and Job Satisfaction

    Salaries have increased the most in China this year, reflecting the decline in the euro, yen, and dollar earnings. A survey conducted by SPIE also found continuing trends in high job satisfaction throughout the field and the disparity between median salaries for men and women is still wide.

  7. Gel Filled With Nanosponges Cleans Up MRSA Infections

    Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego developed a gel filled with toxin-absorbing nanosponges that could lead to an effective treatment for skin and wound infections caused by MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  8. Make a Photographer’s Year: Cast Your Vote for the People’s Choice Award

    The SPIE Professional magazine organized the SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest in observance of the UN-declared year-long salute to light and light based technologies. Voting is now open online to the public to help choose the People’s Choice Award winner from 32 finalists. Any voter who registers will have a chance to win a GoPro camera.

  9. Random Nanowire Configurations Increase Conductivity Over Heavily Ordered Configurations

    Researchers at Lehigh University have identified for the first time that a performance gain in the electrical conductivity of random metal nanowire networks can be achieved by slightly restricting nanowire orientation.

  10. Quantum Physics On Tap

    We all know intuitively that normal liquids flow more quickly as the channel containing them tightens. Think of a river flowing through narrow rapids.

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