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  1. Proto Labs Launches Rapid Magnesium Injection Molding Service

    Proto Labs, Inc. recently introduced its new magnesium injection molding into its current rapid manufacturing services. The new injection molding process allows designers to prototype using the same materials and processes used for the final part production.

  2. Gooch & Housego Leads Development Of A Next Generation Laser Cooled Quantum Trap

    Gooch & Housego recently announced its leadership in a new project funded by Innovative UK in the recent call for proposals on “Commercialisation of Quantum Technologies”. The new project, called Freeze-Ray will run from July 2015 – September 2016, and will focus on developing a miniature high power fiber laser.

  3. Intracellular Microlasers Could Allow Precise Labeling Of Up To A Trillion Individual Cells

    Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have induced structures incorporated within individual cells to produce laser light.

  4. Meet The High-Performance Single-Molecule Diode

    A team of researchers from Berkeley Lab and Columbia University has passed a major milestone in molecular electronics with the creation of the world’s highest-performance single-molecule diode.

  5. Photron’s New High-Speed Camera With Unsurpassed Light Sensitivity - FASTCAM Mini AX50

    Photron, Inc. recently introduced the new FASTCAM Mini AX50. This high-speed camera has pixel resolution at 1,024 x 1,024 at up to 2,000 frames per second. The Mini AX50 also features superior light sensitivity for shorter shutter speeds, and greater depths of field.

  6. ASU Researchers Demonstrate The World's First White Lasers

    While lasers were invented in 1960 and are commonly used in many applications, one characteristic of the technology has proven unattainable. No one has been able to create a laser that beams white light.

  7. PI (Physik Instrumente) Expands in California

    PI opened a new office in the San Francisco Bay area earlier this month. This new building will be the new sales and applications office for the western U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

  8. Scientists Stretch Electrically Conducting Fibers To New Lengths

    An international research team based at The University of Texas at Dallas has made electrically conducting fibers that can be reversibly stretched to over 14 times their initial length and whose electrical conductivity increases 200-fold when stretched.

  9. Penn Researchers Discover New Chiral Property Of Silicon, With Photonic Applications

    By encoding information in photons via their spin, “photonic” computers could be orders of magnitude faster and efficient than their current-day counterparts.

  10. Make Mine A Decaf: Breakthrough In Knowledge Of How Nanoparticles Grow

    A team of researchers from the University of Leicester and France’s G2ELab-CNRS in Grenoble have for the first time observed the growth of free nanoparticles in helium gas in a process similar to the decaffeination of coffee, providing new insights into the structure of nanoparticles.

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