Ultra High Speed Video System for Military and Aerospace Research Applications

Source: Photron, Inc.

Photron's FASTCAM SA5 is a high speed camera that operates at up to 1 million frames per second, and 7,500 fps at mega pixel resolution, making it ideal for applications including materials research, combustion, ballistics, cavitations, aerospace, fluid dynamics and PIV.
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Datasheet: World's Fastest, Mega Pixel High Speed Camera: Fastcam SA5

The FASTCAM SA5 High Speed camera features unsurpassed light sensitivity (ISO/ASA 6400 - test compliant with ISO 12232) and dynamic range through its 12-bit monochrome (36-bit RGB color) sensor with twenty micron square pixels.

In addition to ballistics testing, this high speed camera is ideal for applications involving PIV, inkjet, combustion, fluid dynamics, cavitations, materials research, aerospace, and more. The features on this camera enable extremely high speed and/or low-light imaging tasks in areas of research that were previously dismissed as unsuitable for digital high speed video.

Ballistics videos:

The FASTCAM SA5 High Speed Camera is available with three memory configurations:

  • 8GB for 5.46 seconds record time at full resolution
  • 16GB providing 1.56 seconds at full resolution and 7,000 fps
  • 32GB for 3 seconds at 1K x 1K at 7,500 fps

The FASTCAM SA5 is provided with a remote control keypad, complete with built in five inch LCD screen for full, computer free, operation. And our award winning Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software comes complete with Software Developers Kit (SDK) for users wishing to integrate camera control, replay and download into their own dedicated software.

Click Here To Download:
Datasheet: World's Fastest, Mega Pixel High Speed Camera: Fastcam SA5

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