Scientific NIR (InGaAs) Camera: PIoNIR

Source: Princeton Instruments Inc.

Princeton Instruments introduces PIoNIR: 640, the world's first scientific-grade, deep-cooled, high-resolution InGaAs camera. The 640x512 camera is ideal for low-light near infrared (<1.7um) imaging and spectroscopy applications such as nanotube fluorescence, photovoltaic inspection, emission microscopy, non-destructive testing and singlet oxygen detection. PIoNIR is available with LightField software featuring cutting-edge user interface.

Princeton Instruments is proud to introduce world's first deep cooled, scientific grade InGaAs focal plane array camera. For more information visit Princeton Instruments' PIoNIR webpage.

Scientific NIR (InGaAs) Camera PIoNIR: 640 (TE) Features

  • Imaging Array: 640 x 512 InGaAs
  • Pixel Size: 20 x 20 µm
  • Wavelength: 900 - 1700 nm
  • Peak QE: ~80%

Click Here To Download:
PIoNIR: 640 (TE) Datasheet

Near infrared wavelength (NIR) range is proving useful a wide variety of fundamental and applied research studies including:

  • Nanotube fluorescence
  • NIR astronomy
  • Photoemission microscopy
  • Quantum dot (QDot) research
  • Single oxygen detection
  • Photoluminescence
  • NIR transmission
  • Backside illumination

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