Phantom Miro Airborne: Compact, Lightweight, Rugged, And Airborne-Ready

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Phantom Miro Airborne HD - Ideal Solution For High Resolution Airborne Applications
Vision Research's Miro® Airborne is the best of our popular Miro® eX3 and Miro® eX4 cameras combined into a single unit ideal for airborne applications. Get the ruggedness and form factor of the Miro eX3 with the secure, removable image storage of the Miro eX 4.

The Phantom® Miro Airborne's custom-designed CMOS active-pixel sensor has an ISO 12232 rating of 4800 (monochrome) ensuring the light-sensitivity required in high-speed imaging applications. And, it comes in color or monochrome versions. With access to all 12-bits of grayscale information, you can bring out the detail in shadows that result from uncontrollable and constantly changing lighting situations.

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Datasheet: Miro Airborne
Miro Family: Lightweight, Rugged, And Compact High Speed Video Cameras
Installing A Dust Cap On A Miro High Speed Digital Camera

Phantom® Miro Airborne Features:

  • 1,265 frames-per-second at 800 x 600 resolution
  • Superb light-sensitivity
  • Secure storage to CompactFlash
  • Rugged, High-g rated
  • Remote control and remote triggering
  • Electronic shutter to 2µsec
  • Click here for more features

Designed and tested for airborne applications, the Miro Airborne is an ideal digital solution.

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