High-Resolution Spectrum Analyzer

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.


Bristol Instruments’ model 721 is a high-resolution spectrum analyzer for scientists and engineers who need to know the absolute wavelength and the spectral properties of their CW or high-repetition rate pulsed lasers that operate in the visible to the mid-IR (375 nm – 12 µm).

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Complete laser spectral characterization is provided by the 721 system because it operates as a high-accuracy wavelength meter and a high-resolution spectrum analyzer, all in one instrument. Two versions are available. The model 721A is used for the most demanding experiments, measuring wavelength to an accuracy of ± 0.2 parts per million (± 0.0002 nm at 1000 nm). For experiments that are less exacting, the model 721B is a lower-priced alternative with an accuracy of ± 0.75 parts per million (± 0.0008 nm at 1000 nm). Accuracy is guaranteed with continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard. The 721A and 721B systems both provide a spectral resolution as high as 2 GHz.

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