Advances In Optical Sensing For The 21st Century Battlefield

Soldiers risk exposure to unseen, life-threatening hazards with each deployment. They rely on portable, field-ready instrumentation to detect hazards in the harsh battlefield setting without the luxury of a controlled, laboratory environment. The challenge of finding trace levels of hazardous materials in this setting is intensified by the critical size, weight, and power specifications that portable, battlefield instrumentation must meet. This article discusses the evolution and utilization of Raman spectroscopy as it applies to demanding battlefield settings.

  • Dual-Action Nanoparticle Allows Fluorescence Imaging And MRI
    Dual-Action Nanoparticle Allows Fluorescence Imaging And MRI

    A hybrid nanoparticle has been developed that is compatible with both fluorescence imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The new agent may allow a better real-time understanding of tumor biochemistry and drug delivery.

  • Philae Lander Sends First-Ever Images From A Comet
    Philae Lander Sends First-Ever Images From A Comet

    The Philae lander, the first human spacecraft to ever land on a comet, has sent back initial images from the surface. After a touch-and-go landing, the probe settled on the surface of the comet that it has been chasing since 2004.

  • Miniature Camera Modules For Visualizing Micro Invasive Surgery
    Miniature Camera Modules For Visualizing Micro Invasive Surgery

    The miniaturization of camera modules allows visualization inside the body with ever smaller incisions. These miniature digital camera modules — hardly bigger than a grain of salt — enable novel medical tools, where visualization is possible for the first time and where previous procedures had to be done completely blind. In this article, AWAIBA, a reputed leader in miniature camera modules as small as 500 mm side length, provides an overview of these miniaturized cameras and explores potential new applications for the technology.

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Infrared Transmission System

Image Science has developed a system for measuring the transmission of small IR lenses in the LWIR and MWIR wavebands. The infrared transmission system measures absolute transmission and minimizes the problems posed by testing short focal length lenses.

  • Aerospace and Defense Capabilities
    Aerospace and Defense Capabilities

    Gooch & Housego’s expertise in solutions for the aerospace, defense and space markets revolves largely around their offerings in fiber optics, integrated FO component packaging and precision high tech optics. Renowned for their quality innovation, their sub systems and components and are used for guidance and navigation, optopyrotechnics and data comms.

  • Nanofocus Positioner for High-Resolution Microscopes
    Nanofocus Positioner for High-Resolution Microscopes

    The P-725 PIFOC® is a high-precision, long travel objective scanner for applications involving biotechnology, autofocus systems, semiconductor testing, confocal microscopy, 3D imaging, disc-drive testing, screening, metrology, and interferometry.

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  • Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components
    Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components

    On July 25, Amazon released its first smartphone, and it didn’t take long for the internal components of the device to get leaked.

  • 4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier
    4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier

    Perhaps most famously portrayed in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (1959), the idea of the “future soldier” has been around for decades. As rehashed in countless science fiction films and video games, the stereotypical future soldier is equipped with a protective exoskeleton, enhanced sensory equipment, seamless communication systems, and advanced weaponry. While the concept once seemed implausible, there are many real-world projects under way focused on realizing those seemingly fictitious warfighter capabilities — by integrating a plethora of diverse electronic subsystems into a cohesively operational suit.

  • The Top 5 Technologies From DSS 2014
    The Top 5 Technologies From DSS 2014

    With more than 450 companies at this year’s event and only three days to explore, it was an almost overwhelming task to try and take in all of the technology on display. Regardless, I did my best, and here is my list of the top five most exciting technologies I caught at the show.

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  • Ladybug Takes Off In Slow Motion

    This particular sequence was recorded with at pco.dimax HD CMOS camera at 3,000 frames-per-second and 1296 x 720 pixel resolution. Once the ladybug unfolds its wings, the display speed is reduced to 25 fps.

  • Clear, Colored Images Captured In Low Light

    This video was taken out of a lab window at dawn. The sequence displays three times at 16bit and 8bit scaling to capture details. All imagery was captured by the pco.edge – a color, sCMOS (scientific CMOS) camera operating at 2560 x 2160 resolution at 100 frames/s.

  • Fishing Kingfisher in Slow Motion II

    The pco.dimax HD is a high-speed, 12-bit CMOS camera ideal for a variety of slow-motion capture applications. In this video example, Rainer Bergomaz from Blue Paw Artists used one of these cameras with 1920 x 1440 pixel resolution @ 1060 frames/s to capture sequences of young kingfishers trying (successfully, in some instances) to catch fish.

  • Magic Drops In Slow Motion

    Blue Paw Artists’ Rainer Bergomaz and Daniel Nimmervoll used the pco.dimax HD high-speed camera to capture water droplet sequences, showing that slow motion imagery is just as appealing aesthetically as it is scientifically.

  • Tracking Objects Through Heat Signature Acquisition
    Tracking Objects Through Heat Signature Acquisition

    This video showcases an ATP (acquisition, tracking, and pointing) tracker in action in both day and nighttime conditions. The imagery was captured with DRS Technologies’ infrared cameras. The ATP tracker used in this footage is the result of a Senior Capstone Project in Texas A&M’s electrical engineering program.

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Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden CZ is a thermal imaging camera with a 12x zoom factor for 640 x 480 resolution and a 6x zoom factor for 320 x 240. It’s well suited for system integrators in the security and surveillance space, or any other project requiring advanced continuous zoom thermal imaging capabilities.

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Bristol Instruments, Inc.

Bristol Instruments, Inc.

BRISTOL INSTRUMENTS, INC., located near Rochester, NY, was founded in January, 2005, by three technical and marketing leaders of the now-defunct Burleigh Instruments. Together, this group has almost 60 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of lasers and precision test instruments used in basic and applied research, engineering, and production test applications.

PG & O Precision Glass & Optics

PG & O Precision Glass & Optics

Our company began with an ingenious idea: combine high-volume, low-cost commercial glass manufacturing with the technical precision of optics and thin film coating. A quarter-century later, you can rely on us with confidence - because we put all those years of experience into every component we create for you.
Precision Optics Corporation

Precision Optics Corporation

For over 30 years, Precision Optics Corporation has provided state-of-the-art optical designs, components and complete optical systems for medical, biomedical, military (ITAR complainant) and industrial applications. As next generation techniques in these areas have advanced to use smaller and less invasive tools and equipment, Precision Optics responded with microprecision™ optical technology to provide components, assemblies, and products with sizes on the order of one millimeter and smaller.

Zygo Corporation

Zygo Corporation

Supplier of precision optics including extreme precision aspheres and freeform, meter-class flats and windows in common and exotic materials. Full electro-mechanical-optical design/prototype and manufacturing capabilities for medical, defense, military, ISR, semiconductor and industrial technology research.



Xenics is a well established and rapidly growing high-tech company about to enter exciting new fields of IR products and applications, serving the markets with excellent products and a strong technology background.

Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems to a global customer base of leading OEMs seeking high-performance, market-driven technologies.

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  • Cameras for Astronomy: Observations in the H Band

    This application note contains sample images of Uranus and the Trapezium cluster, both observed in the astronomical H band (1.625µm).

  • System Integration Of Fiber Lasers And Its Effects On Laser Quality

    Recently, companies that perform system integrations have become more concerned about the quality of the laser delivered to the process and not just the quality of the laser source itself. Some companies are now starting to use beam profiling for much more than simply qualifying the laser source. They also leverage the technology to qualify the components that are integrated into their systems and to characterize the application of the laser. Using sample beam profiles as illustrations, this article defines laser quality and provides examples of how laser system quality can be affected by system componentry.

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Takes The Heat

    Liquid silicone rubber is created in high heat conditions, and as such, can withstand a variety of high heat applications. This makes LSR ideal for medical devices because of its ability to withstand with high temperatures associated with device sterilization. Its stability also prevents it from affecting skin surfaces, and from skin surfaces affecting it.

  • Utilizing Inkjet Coating Technology For Optics And Injection Molded Parts

    This case study explains how Carclo developed an inexpensive, one-sided, anti-scratch coating resistant to UV light, abrasion, solvents, and chemicals that could be applied to a customer’s optics without having a negative impact on its optical properties.

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  • X-Ray Laser Imaging Advances To Nanometer Scale
    X-Ray Laser Imaging Advances To Nanometer Scale

    Using an X-ray laser to create diffraction patterns, scientists were recently able to visualize individual carboxysomes without crystallizing them. At about 115 nanometers, carboxysomes are the smallest biological specimen studied by an X-ray laser to date.

  • New Nanosecond Laser Treatment Alleviates Macular Degeneration
    New Nanosecond Laser Treatment Alleviates Macular Degeneration

    Using a new low-energy, high-speed laser, the symptoms of age-related macular degeneration were reduced. In addition to effectively treating the disease, the new laser treatment spared retinal tissue, where current laser treatments tend to damage it.

  • APEI Builds The First Multiphysics Simulation App With The Application Builder

    Last month marked the release of the revolutionary Application Builder, now available with COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.0. The Application Builder, which allows COMSOL software users to build an intuitive interface to run any COMSOL model, has been very well received by the engineering community.

  • “NanoFlares” Illuminate Individual Cancer Cells
    “NanoFlares” Illuminate Individual Cancer Cells

    Recently, a team from Northwestern University developed nanoparticles with a built-in fluorescent tag that are capable of identifying genetic biomarkers specific to cancer. Deemed “NanoFlares,” these particles operate inside the cell and can identify cancer cells in the bloodstream, potentially providing an early warning of metastasis.

  • Advanced Imaging System Glimpses The Physical Basis Of Memory
    Advanced Imaging System Glimpses The Physical Basis Of Memory

    Recently, a team from Kyoto University developed an imaging system that leverages optogenetics to identify the memory-storing neurons of a worm. This advance may help improve the understanding of memory loss that accompanies certain diseases.

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