Penn Researchers Discover New Chiral Property Of Silicon, With Photonic Applications

By encoding information in photons via their spin, “photonic” computers could be orders of magnitude faster and efficient than their current-day counterparts.

  • New Technique To Synthesise Nanostructured Nanowires
    New Technique To Synthesise Nanostructured Nanowires

    Researchers have developed a new method for growing ‘hybrid’ crystals at the nanoscale, in which quantum dots – essentially nanoscale semiconductors – of different materials can be sequentially incorporated into a host nanowire with perfect junctions between the components.

  • KTU Researchers Have Created Unique Material For The New Generation Solar Cells
    KTU Researchers Have Created Unique Material For The New Generation Solar Cells

    Researchers at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Organic Chemistry laboratories have developed material which offers much cheaper alternative to the one which is currently being used in hybrid solar cells.

  • NIST Shows Organic Solar Industry Something New Under The Sun
    NIST Shows Organic Solar Industry Something New Under The Sun

    Hunting for the best material from which to build organic solar cells can be like seeking the proverbial haystack needle, but now scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Naval Research Laboratory may have a better search tool for the nascent industry.

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InGaAs Snapshot Video Cameras: 320KTS And 320KTSVis

These compact InGaAs snapshot video cameras from Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems feature capture of images from pulsed events or moving objects within one frame. The 320KTS-1.7RT provides high response from 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm and the 320KTSVis-1.7RT extends the response into the visible wavelengths, running from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm

  • Nd:YAG Laser Optics and Coatings
    Nd:YAG Laser Optics and Coatings

    These Nd:YAG laser mirrors and coatings have high damage thresholds and high durability tolerance. Their standard coatings for these types of optics are ideal for laser manufacturers, systems integrators, or laser system end users.

  • Silicon Photodiodes
    Silicon Photodiodes Silicon Photodiodes feature low dark current, low capacitance, and response from 400-1100 nm...
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Superior High-Speed Cameras for Every Application

Photron’s new FASTCAM Mini AX100 & AX50 provide superior light sensitivity of ISO 40,000 monochrome/16,000 color, measured to ISO 12232 Ssat standard. Our powerful high-G FASTCAM UX50 provides 1.3Mpixel resolution up to 2k fps or 160k fps at reduced resolution. The unique FASTCAM Multi uses one or two compact camera heads and remote processor to deliver Mpixel resolution up to 6k fps. More


  • Securing 21st Century Warfare’s Most Valuable Asset — Information
    Securing 21st Century Warfare’s Most Valuable Asset — Information

    The last decade has witnessed a virtual explosion in the development and global adoption of communications and information technology. While this era of swift, unprecedented technological advancement has conveyed innumerable benefits to civilian society, it also has ushered in a brand new set of challenges for the United States and other established military powers.

  • Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components
    Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components

    On July 25, Amazon released its first smartphone, and it didn’t take long for the internal components of the device to get leaked.

  • 4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier
    4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier

    Perhaps most famously portrayed in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (1959), the idea of the “future soldier” has been around for decades. As rehashed in countless science fiction films and video games, the stereotypical future soldier is equipped with a protective exoskeleton, enhanced sensory equipment, seamless communication systems, and advanced weaponry. While the concept once seemed implausible, there are many real-world projects under way focused on realizing those seemingly fictitious warfighter capabilities — by integrating a plethora of diverse electronic subsystems into a cohesively operational suit.

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Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems

Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors Unlimited Products), is the world’s leading manufacturer of indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)-based imaging products. As renowned experts in shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging, Sensors Unlimited, Inc. introduced the world to the concept of imaging in the shortwave IR spectrum with simple, compact, and uncooled cameras.

StellarNet, Inc.

StellarNet, Inc.

StellarNet manufactures precision fiber optic spectrometers for portable and multi-channel industrial applications, which enable low cost spectroscopy solutions.  Our expertise in electro-optics, software design, and applications development, provides unmatched price performance in the global instrumentation market.

Ophir Photonics

Ophir Photonics

Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corporation, began making laser power meters, energy meters, and beam profilers in 1979, and we’ve never looked back. We have headquarters in the United States, Israel, Japan, and Germany, as well as distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

PI (Physik Instrumente) provides the world’s broadest range of precision motion technologies for both micro- and nano-precision applications. PI is the world’s first and largest manufacturer of piezoelectric nanopositioning technology.  Started 4 decades ago as a supplier to research labs and universities, the company has grown into a business of 700+ employees and more than $100 million in global sales.



Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components
Gooch & Housego PLC

Gooch & Housego PLC

Gooch & Housego provides complete optical system design, engineering and manufacturing services to the aerospace & defense, industrial, life sciences and scientific research sectors, based upon the following key enabling photonic technologies: Acousto-Optics, Crystal Optics Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics and photonic packaging, Non-Linear Optics, Precision Optics including optical polishing and coatings, as well as light measurement instrumentation and services, spectral Imaging & synthesis.

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  • Case Study: Extended-Length LED Light Engines Speed Production, Cut Costs

    For LED light fixture manufacturers who create linear products — such as replacements for fluorescent lighting — new light engines that are up to 48 inches long and 15 inches wide allow for the quicker, easier, and therefore cheaper assembly. This case study details how Acra Phenolic of Traverse City, Mich. -- a supplier of new and retrofit interior LED lighting for the office space and manufacturing sectors -- has seen significant savings by becoming an early adopter of this technology.

  • Fast Motion Simulators For Imaging and Vibration Cancellation Applications

    This article discusses many of PI’s hexapod motion systems and how they are capable of precise multi-axis motion with high repeatability.

  • Thermal Electronics Inspection Reaching Defect-Free Designs

    In order to save a considerable amount of time and finances, Xenics thermal cameras can detect heat defects in electronics before qualification. These cameras can also optimize a working instrument’s life cycle when used in critical control of heat dissipation. This application note describes how Gobi thermal imaging cameras can be used in PCB prototyping and repair, and in verifying thermal designs in power electronics motor drives.

  • Flexible Design Capabilities Through DIY Custom Lens Calibration

    This white paper demonstrates the benefits of using the CLC utility alongside Tamarisk® camera cores in three common integration scenarios.

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  • New High Precision Linear Motor Stage With Absolute Encoder And Ironless Motor
    New High Precision Linear Motor Stage With Absolute Encoder And Ironless Motor

    PI (Physik Instrumente) recently released a new compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage at Laser World of Photonics. This new stage is equipped with an integrated absolute-measuring for less referencing time, and a newly developed ironless magnetic linear motor for higher accuracy and smoother motion.

  • Acton Optics & Coatings Introduces 193nm XL Excimer Laser Mirror Coating
    Acton Optics & Coatings Introduces 193nm XL Excimer Laser Mirror Coating

    Acton Optics & Coatings recently developed a new 193nm XL high-reflectance coating ideal for low-fluence, high-repetition excimer laser applications. This new coating is also great for micromachining and materials processing applications.

  • CERN Miniaturizes Linear Accelerator For Medical Applications
    CERN Miniaturizes Linear Accelerator For Medical Applications

    Scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have taken the technology used to create the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and made it small enough to be installed in hospitals. A miniature linear accelerator (mini-Linac), said developers, could be used for future cancer treatments, as well as the production of radioisotopes used in medical imaging and sterilization of medical equipment.

  • Proto Labs Launches Rapid Magnesium Injection Molding Service

    Proto Labs, Inc. recently introduced its new magnesium injection molding into its current rapid manufacturing services. The new injection molding process allows designers to prototype using the same materials and processes used for the final part production.

  • Gooch & Housego Leads Development Of A Next Generation Laser Cooled Quantum Trap

    Gooch & Housego recently announced its leadership in a new project funded by Innovative UK in the recent call for proposals on “Commercialisation of Quantum Technologies”. The new project, called Freeze-Ray will run from July 2015 – September 2016, and will focus on developing a miniature high power fiber laser.

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